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Life after reality TV stardom presents some unique challenges.

For example, the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise enjoy a comfortable living, but they’re not raking in the kind of money that would enable them to never work again.


And yet, their actions on the show have rendered many of the moms unemployable, which puts them in a tough spot once their time on MTV comes to a close.

Farrah Abraham was the guinea pig in this respect, having been fired from Teen Mom OG way back in 2017.

The years since have been hard on Farrah’s bank account, and she’s resorted to increasingly desperate measures to keep food on the table and designer shoes in her closet.

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

Farrah has opened several businesses, but they’ve all gone bust.

It seems she still dabbles in online sex shows, but interest in her performances has waned along with her fame.

And so, like so many desperate stage moms before her, Farrah has foisted her ambitions on her 11-year-old daughter and is now hoping to get rich off of Sophia’s fame.

Rocking a Red Carpet

Sophia has recorded a song, and Farrah has spoken of the girl’s desire to get into acting.

But for the most part, it seems Farrah wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps and build a massive, lucrative social media without demonstrating any discernible talent.

This means, of course, that Sophia is being forced to share way too much of her personal life on Instagram in hopes of attracting attention from strangers.

Sophia Abraham Advertises Scooters

It’s gross, but so are most of Farrah’s business ventures.

These days, Farrah is acting as a sort of one-woman talent agency, managing Sophia’s social media page and promoting the sixth-grader’s content like it’s her job — which it sort of is.

This means, of course, that Farrah and Sophia need to continually raise the bar in terms oif shock value in order to keep the internet’s attention.

Farrah Abraham: Investigated By CPS For Neglecting Sophia?! [UPDATED]

So we guess it should come as no great surprise that this week found Farrah twerking with her daughter on Sophia’s Instagram Story. 

"I can’t keep up with all these crazy dance moves … yeah, I lost my mind," the elder Abraham captioned the disturbing video,

"And for all the mom shamers including moms who say the most worst things get off the page with your hate."

Farrah And Sophia on IG

For obvious reasons, the footage attracted a whole host of negative comments.

"Be a mother, not her friend," wrote one follower, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"This is so disturbing, teaching a young child these type of moves is so messed up. Not funny and not cool."

"What kid is up this time posting on here. Girl, stop being a friend and be a mother first," another person added.

"Why is Sophia doing all that she’s a child let her be a child as what I can see shes not having a childhood shes living adulthood already," a third chimed in.

"I got a 5 year old and I’m letting him do what children are supposed to do at his age."

Farrah Abraham and Sophia at the VMAs

And, of course, that wasn’t the only questionable content that Farrah posted this week.

She also detailed her daughter’s elaborate nightly skincare routine, and her followers were quick to point out that most girls her age don’t spend quite so much time getting ready for bed.

"Sophia is a kid, absolutely no reason to be doing this nightly," one commented.

Farrah and Sophia Skincare Routine

Another accused Farrah of "setting her daughter up to be her," adding, "We really don’t need another one of you."

"Why don’t you do something on her level and not the level of a middle aged woman?" a third asked.

To be fair, Farrah is not middle-aged, and it’s not actually all that weird for a girl entering middle school to be taking an interest in beauty and skincare.

If Farrah’s forcing it on her, then yes, that’s profoundly effed up.

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie

But if it’s just something Sophia is taking an interest in, then it’s really not all that unusual.

See? Now, y’all went and made us stick up for Farrah Abraham!

Mind you, that’s just a partial defense, however.

The twerking thing is still weird and gross, and should not have been posted.