Farrah Abraham Sings "Blowin'" LIVE: Watch the Ear-Splitting Video Now!

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You may not remember, because it thankfully came and went, but Farrah Abraham released a single, hilariously called "Blowin'," back in March.

Apparently her management team hates her and didn't want to tell her that that's a really bad title for a woman who's trying to shake her porn star image.

Anyway, "Blowin'" is back, unfortunately, except this time it's even more obnoxious, because Farrah is finally ready to perform the song ... live!

Yes, she's really singing. Or maybe she's lip-syncing. We can't really tell, because honestly, the recorded version of this song sounds like crap too. 

Seriously. It's beyond terrible. We normally wouldn't dole this sort of career advice, but maybe the former Teen Mom star should stick to stripping.

Sure, that sounds really sad, but Farrah's stripper salary is insane, and judging from the video above, no one's gonna pay her six figures for her musical talents.

We all have our lots in life, and for Farrah, the unfortunate fact is that her greatest talents all involve taking her clothes off and promoting herself.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Hey, she's the one who recently stated that God led her to porn. Feel free to use that excuse the next time you forget to clear your browser history.

Oh, and as our apology for exposing you to Farrah's singing voice, here are some pics of the Backdoor Teen Mom beauty showing off her real talent:

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