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90 Day Fiance alum Nicole Nafziger returned to the US from Morocco just one week ago.

Now, just days after saying farewell to Azan, she is raving to her fans that she has "baby fever."

Nicole Nafziger Holds Her Newborn Niece
Photo via Instagram

Nicole Nafziger has only been back in the US for a week but she is making up for lost time.

"My sister just gave birth to her first born baby, Adrianna," Nicole captions the above photo.

She gushes: "I am so in love with this little baby!"

Nicole Nafziger and Sister Taylor

Nicole’s sister, Taylor, gave birth a week ago — just as Nicole returned to the US.

She shares that holding her newborn niece "just gives me so many memories of May when she was just born "

Nicole’s sweet caption concludes with the hashtag: "#babyfever."

Obviously, the vicious hellclowns who perpetually troll Nicole’s social media couldn’t let such a sweet caption be.

One of these intolerable goons challenged Nicole, asking if she even "recognized" May and saying May should be her priority.

Bewildered, Nicole asked: "Because I posted about my newborn niece, I’m ignoring my child?"

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

As hateful trolls have made extremely clear for some time now, they resent Nicole’s relationship with Azan.

Some are fueled by bigotry, recoiling at the idea of a white American woman being with a brown-skinned, Muslim man.

Others are fueled by, well, other bigotry, calling her "delusional" because she is a big girl in a long-distance relationship.

Nicole Nafziger: Hiding That Azan is Married With Kids?!
Photo via Instagram

What has these gremlins particularly riled up is that Nicole just spent five months in Morocco with Azan.

She was in constant contact with her family, and 6-year-old May was safe with her grandmother.

It’s not like Nicole had planned it that way. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things just days into what would have been a two-week visit.

May is Very Sleepy
Photo via Instagram

From the way that trolls have been harassing Nicole for the past five months, you’d think two things.

One, that Nicole had locked May in a shipping crate full of Spam in her absence and forgotten about her.

Two, that Nicole is some millionaire heiress who was spending her time on a luxurious private island.

Nicole Nafziger Drives with Mother Robbalee

Obviously, May was in Robbalee’s hands, and Nicole’s mom emphasized that she treasured her time with her granddaughter.

Additionally, Nicole was in constant contact with her mom and daughter while she was in Morocco.

She loves her daughter and is a devoted mom. In fact, part of her reason for remaining in Morocco as she did was for May’s sake.

Forbes excerpt on repatriation prices

Contrary to what some people think, repatriation flights are not free.

You can get one even if you are broke, but as this Forbes excerpt notes, you’ll be in debt $1,500.

That’s no one’s first choice, especially not a single mom who works at Starbucks.

Nicole Nafziger in Starbucks Visor
Photo via Instagram

As for staying in Morocco to keep May safe, Nicole did allude to that as she replied to (many) trolls on Instagram.

Flying home was a risk, one that she only took when she had no other choice. And in the US, her saved up money doesn’t go nearly as far.

It is expected that she will soon have to return to work — in Florida, during this pandemic — and is of course concerned for her and her child’s safety.

Speaking of trolls, some goofball in Nicole’s mentions under the photo of her with her niece was spouting off.

Folks, Wafa — Azan’s sister — has had five months of Nicole’s presence in Morocco to "tell the truth." So has everyone else in Azan’s life.

If there were any evidence that Azan is secretly married or whatever it is that these trolls believe, we would report it. So far, there is zero evidence that this is anything beyond a rumor.

Nicole also shared a sweet photo of May holding baby Adrianna.

May is thrilled to no longer be the "baby" of the family.

Now she has a newborn cousin to love.

Nicole Nafziger Reunites with Daughter

By the way, a number of people attempted to skewer Nicole in the comments for holding a newborn after flying.

There’s a reason that it was nearly a week before Adriana’s birth and Nicole posting that pic, folks.

She took a COVID test and texted negative before she breathed the same air as her precious niece.