Farrah Abraham Shuts Down Clothing Boutique: Is She Going Broke?

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It's been over a year since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG, and the reality star has certainly managed to stay busy during that time.

In addition to her memorable role on Ex on the Beach, Farrah continues to juggle numerous business ventures.

But is it all getting to be too much for her to handle?

Farrah's reportedly experiencing financial troubles, as indicated by the recent closures of two of her Austin, Texas boutiques.

Now, Abraham is facing a costly lawsuit.

Naturally, she maintains that everything will pan out in her favor -- but fans suspect this is the end of Farrah as we know her.

Take a look:

1. End of a Farrah?

End of a Farrah?
Is this the end of Farrah's lucrative business empire? It's certainly not looking good for Mrs. Abraham.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
There was a time when Farrah seemed to print money with her various business ventures. But those days are well in the past now.

3. High Hopes

High Hopes
Just a few years ago, Farrah proudly opened two "hight-end boutiques" in a Texas shopping complex.

4. Closing Doors

Closing Doors
Now, both ventures are out of business, and it seems she took a major loss.

5. Failures For All Ages

Failures For All Ages
F&S by Farrah and Sophia Laurent Boutique, a children's store "owned and operated" by Farrah's daughter Sophia are both officially out of business.

6. Operating at a Loss

Operating at a Loss
And it seems the decision to close up shop came after several months in which both stores were hemorrhaging money.

7. Major Debt

Major Debt
Now, according to a new lawsuit, Farrah owes over $100,000 in back rent for the two stores.

8. Standing Her Ground

Standing Her Ground
And the really crazy part is that she's apparently refusing to pay a dime of it.

9. Does She Know How Rent Works?

Does She Know How Rent Works?
According to court documents filed by the landlord, a request for payment met with a reply from Farrah's lawyers indicating that Abraham has "no intentions on making any further payments under the lease agreement."

10. Not a Leg to Stand On

Not a Leg to Stand On
Farrah probably has a whole list of complaints lined up that she believes will exempt her from paying her rent.

11. Hard Sell

Hard Sell
But it likely won't as easy as she thinks to convince a judge that she's entitled to withhold rent.

12. Her Own Worst Enemy

Her Own Worst Enemy
The problem is, Farrah occupied those spaces and conducted business from them.

13. So What's the Problem?

So What's the Problem?
So unless she extensively documented conditions that made it difficult for her to do so, she'll have a hard time convincing a judge that her landlord is not entitled to the agreed-upon rent.

14. No Angel

No Angel
And of course, the rent lawsuit is just the beginning of Farrah's legal woes.

15. Fightin' Farrah

Fightin' Farrah
Over the summer, Abraham was involved in an altercation at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

16. Clarification ...

Clarification ...
And by "altercation" we mean she attacked a staff member and got thrown in jail.

17. The Other Fight

The Other Fight
Then there's the fight that Farrah was supposed to be involved with but backed out of.

18. Farrah the Boxer

Farrah the Boxer
We're talking about the Atlantic City celebrity boxing match against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander that Farrah wriggled out of.

19. A Raw Deal

A Raw Deal
Citing an issue with promoters, Farrah backed out of the deal at the last minute.

20. Suits Everywhere

Suits Everywhere
Farrah is on the receiving end of a potentially costly lawsuit in that situation, as well.

21. The Truth Comes Out

At the moment, details regarding Farrah's finances are scarce -- but at least one of those suits will likely force her to disclose the truth about her situation.

22. Missing That MTV Cash

Missing That MTV Cash
And if we had to guess, we would assume that Farrah is not exactly rolling in it these days. In fact, there's a very good chance that she's essentially broke.

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