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Jenelle Evans has been trying to rehabilitate her image in recent months.

Unfortunately, despite living in the spotlight since she was in her teens, the former Teen Mom 2 star seems to have no idea about how to interact with the public.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows
Photo via Instagram

Despite her difficulties in making her way back into the spotlight, you can bet that Jenelle will keep trying.

After all, her options are limited.

It’s either find a way to cash in on what’s left of her fame or get a real job.

Jenelle Eason is Happy
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And you can bet Ms. Evans won’t be hopping on the latter option anytime soon.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, these are bad times for bigots who are trying to make in the public eye.

Even before the recent Black Lives Matter protests, Jenelle’s appalling worldview came under heavy scrutiny.

Jenelle in Nashville
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First she stood by her man after David Eason posted a racist rant against Michelle Obama.

Shortly thereafter, Jenelle refused to comment on the murder of George Floyd despite frequent requests from fans to do so.

Insiders said Jenelle was melting down amid racism allegations, but she still refused to make a statement — so everyone rightly assumed her views are wildly offensive.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Back Together Despite New Abuse Claims [UPDATED]
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Of course, now we don’t have to assume.

We know that Jenelle is still a trash person with trash views because she just confirmed it on social media.

The screenshot below is from Evans’ latest Instagram Story.

As you can see, Jenelle’s stepdaugher, Maryssa, is wearing a shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag.

Now, Maryssa is 12, so obviously she’s old enough to dress herself.

But as many commenters pointed out, there’s a good chance she doesn’t grasp the implications of wearing such a shirt during these tense times.

Jenelle Evans is Delusional
Photo via MTV

"You gotta be a real trash ass person to put this on your child," one person remarked, getting straight to the point.

"This is really sad. You know she has no idea what it really stands for," a second chimed in.

"David is a loser so makes sense he supports the losing teams," a third aptly pointed out.

David Eason in Confederate Flag
Photo via Instagram

David is a fan of the Confederate flag himself, of course.

And while he hasn’t commented on developments such as the removal of statues of Confederate leaders from southern cities, or the banning of the flag at all NASCAR events, it’s safe to say he’s not a fan.

This isn’t a guy who’s interested in changing his mind in light of new information.

David Eason and His Flag
Photo via Instagram

This isn’t even a guy who’s interested in changing his mind after he decides to kill his wife’s dog.

So in all likelihood, Maryssa is being encouraged by her father to wear her ridiculous shirt.

And it’s just as likely that David is encouraging Jenelle to post photos of it.

David Eason Stupid
Photo via Instagram

But the hilarious irony in all of this is that the real victim is none other than Jenelle herself.

We’re sure she thinks she’s triggering the libs or whatever, but she’s the one who’s desperate for cash, and yet she keeps messing up her own sponsored content deals with stunts like this.

The next time some foolish brand is dumb enough to partner up with Jenelle, it’ll be this much easier for critics to point out that she’s obviously a diehard racist.

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch
Photo via Instagram

We guess David is shooting himself in the foot here, too.

But at the end of the day, what does he care?

Unemployed since 2018, he’s clearly never planning on working again, and he doesn’t seem to care about his wife’s career any more than he cared about her dog.