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Back in February, Jenelle Evans got back together with David Eason, despite the fact that he’d spent years frightening her children for sport, and he capped off his reign ot terror by murdering her freakin’ dog.

Fans anticipated disaster because — well, that’s just the sort of prediction people make when you welcome a dog-murdering sociopath back into your life.

Jenelle and David Eason Kiss

Naturally, there was a brief honeymoon period during which Jenelle bragged that she was happier than ever.

But, of course, that was short-lived, and these two are back to launching vicious attacks at one another on social media.

You’d think that by now, they would’ve at least figured out how to keep their fights out of the public eye, but the Easons aren’t big on learning from their mistakes.

Anyway, this time there’s an added dimension of messiness, as Jenelle and David are both being accused of blatant racism.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows

Such allegations have been following these two for as long as they’ve been a couple, but these days, their bigotry is made all the more apparent by the international uproar over the police murder of George Floyd.

It all started when David Eason launched a racist tirade against Michelle Obama last month.

Jenelle initially defended him, but then backed away — but not because she realized she’s married to a bigot, or even because it finally dawned on her that defending his neo-Nazi views might be bad for her career.

No, Jenelle stopped defending David because he was mean to one of her friends and she got pissed about how broke he is.

JE vs. DE

David accused Jenelle of hanging out with junkie prostitutes (her longtime bestie Tori Rhyne), and she shot back by accusing him of being an unemployed loser — which is fair, to be honest.

Lately, fans have been picking up on signs that Jenelle and David have once again decided to go their separate ways.

For one, they’ve unfollowed each other on all social media platforms, which is always a prelude to a breakup for these two.

On top of that, Jenelle has been posting more bikini pics than usual, which some fans are taking as a sign that she’s back on the market.

Jenelle Evans Bikini Bod

But hey, this situation is just one silver-lining after another for Jenelle.

Obviously, she might be rid of David Eason again, which is always a good thing.

On top of that, this would be a very good time for her to distance herself from openly racist husband.

Look, we assume Jenelle is a bigot herself, because she’s an angry, insecure person, and bigotry goes hand-in-hand with anger and insecurity.

Jenelle Is Awful

But she doesn’t appear to be as virulent in her racism as David, which means that she might stop posting BS like this, which is the last thing she wrote on Facebook before their latest spat.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, she still deserves to be canceled forever, and even her most ardent defenders are beginning to realize this.

Evans has been repeatedly called out for her refusal to comment on the George Floyd situation and the ensuing protests.

And instead of, ya know, actually speaking out on the issue, she’s been angrily clapping back at critics, including Ashley Siren of Young and Pregnant fame.

Jenelle Is the Worst

Siren posted this screenshot of a conversation with Jenelle in which Evans played the old "my husband totally knows a black person!" card.

So maybe they are still together? 

Anyway, Evans also posted an Instagram Story in which she lashed out media outlets for reporting on her apparent ambivalence toward the Floyd situation.

"Instead of taking fake Twitter accounts, comments and writing bad things about me to make it look like I don’t care about this issue, maybe you should fact-check yourself, and, you guys, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup is not a credible source," Evans stated.

Well, if there’s any authority on credibility, it’s the woman who seems literally incapable of opening her mouth without lying.

This is especially true when said liar is in the midst of a full-on meltdown.