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You may have already noticed some changes on the new season of Counting On.

For starters, Joy-Anna Duggar has quit the show, joining Jill as the latest of Jim Bob’s daughters to step away from the family media empire.

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On top of that, Jinger Duggar is now living in Los Angeles full-time, and the youngest Duggars are growing like weeds.

There’s also a new face in the crowd, and we’re not talking about the ever-growing group of grandkids.

No, the latest TLC newcomer is one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s very own.

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If you follow news of the family closely, you may already know that Jim Bob and Michelle adopted Tyler Duggar, the son of Michelle’s niece, Rachel Hutchins, back in 2017.

Rachel was was homeless at the time, and she feared that with her extensive criminal background, she would never see Tyler again if she were to put him up for adoption.

The Duggars stepped in and promised to care for the boy as one of their own, and to allow Rachel regular visitation.

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Insiders say they’ve made good on that promise, and the arrangement seems to be working for everyone involved.

(Although there’s no word on how Rachel feels about the family’s decision to give Tyler their famous last name.)

Rachel was in her teens when Tyler was born, and initially, the boy’s grandmother looked after him much of the time.

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But when Rachel’s mom suffered a stroke, Jim Bob and Michelle wasted no time stepping in and making Tyler a permanent part of their family,

It wasn’t until recently, however, that the 12-year-old began to make appearances on Counting On, popping up alongside Jackson Duggar.

Some fans expressed confusion with regard to who Tyler was and where he came from.

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Others wondered why it took so long for the Duggars to introduce their newest addition on camera.

In any event, the boy has been welcomed with open arms by fans just as he was by the Duggars themselves.

But while those closest to the situation say he’s adjusting as well as can be expected, the upheaval in Tyler’s life continues.

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His mother recently gave birth to another boy, but sadly, the baby didn’t survive very long.

Tyler was an older brother only briefly before he attended the funeral of his infant sibling.

Needless to say, Tyler has encountered difficulties in his young life that most members of the Duggar family can only imagine.

While it’s heartbreaking to think of all he’s endured, those same difficulties might make him the most relatable member of the Counting On clan.