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Amber Portwood has been going through a tough time in recent months.

Of course, we suppose that goes without saying — after all, Amber is more or less always going through a tough time.

Amber Portwood Up in Arms

But like everyone whose life seems to be one dramatic rough patch after another, Amber is always looking to make a change.

And to her credit, it seems like she’s starting to take some steps in the right direction.

For starters, it’s been a year since Amber was arrested for assault, and we guess going that long without trying to stab anyone can be looked at as a sign of progress … right?

Amber Portwood on Air

Anyway, Amber is still dating her Belgian boyfriend, and the relationship seems to be thriving.

Although to be fair, the coronavirus lockdown has kept him out of stabbing distance for most of the past few months.

Now, Ms. Portwood is trying to keep the forward momentum going by stepping away from social media in order to protect her mental health.

"For my health and mental stability that I have worked so hard to successfully change I will not be a part of this anymore," she wrote on Instagram along with a photo of a sign from "the Karma Cafe."

"There are no menus," the sign reads. "You will be served what you deserve."

"The negativity from social media is not acceptable in my life for the time being. I tried to come back and be nice but it’s not worth the time atm," she added.

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

"I love all my fan’s and if you want to reach out to me I am on @cameo so I can have positive people only."

Yes, Amber is one of those Cameo people now.

She won’t post on Instagram for free, but you can be sure she’ll send you a 3-second personalized video greeting for 100 bucks!

Amber Portwood Reaction

"Sending all my love to everyone and may karma not be too harsh because from experience it can be very intense," she added somewhat threateningly.

"Only the strong can survive and sometimes some people aren’t on the same wavelength. Try to be blessed."

Yes, Amber has committed countless terrible acts — some of which have landed her in front of a judge — and yet, she’s always prattling on about karma and offering unsolicited advice on how to be a better person.

Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Dmitri

Obviously, we’ll miss the unhinged drama that she brings to social media.

But we certainly won’t miss the preachy moralizing — especially from someone who was threatening her fiance with a machete just 12 short months ago!

Anyway, we wish her all the best on her new Instagram-less life.

Let’s see if she can make this change last!