Ashley Martson to Amber Portwood: Shut Up About 90 Day Fiance, You Knife-Wielding Maniac!

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Last week, Amber Portwood had a total meltdown after being likened to 90 Day Fiance scumbag Geoffrey Paschel.

Amber was outraged to see her relationship with Dimitri Garcia compared to any couple on the other reality series.

She completely missed the point of the comparison.

And her extremely visible freakout only grew worse when she finally understood what the comparison was all about.

Now, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is firing back at Amber, defending her own show from Portwood's outburst.

Teen Moms who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Or shoes ... Or machetes. You get the idea. 

1. Ashley is taking aim at Amber AND Dimitri

Ashley is taking aim at Amber AND Dimitri
Seeing the two of them rant about 90 Day Fiance (sort of; you'll see in a moment), Ashley writes: "These two need to calm down. 90 Day Fiance relationships are not 90 days, the marriage time on the visa is."

2. That is true

That is true
The K-1 visa gives couples 90 days in the US together before they need to either get married or not -- in the latter case, the fiance(e) must return home to their own country. If they do marry, they must apply to extend the person's legal residency as a spouse and, eventually, to secure their US citizenship.

3. It doesn't work like Amber is imagining

It doesn't work like Amber is imagining
"Many couples spend years before marrying," Ashley notes, referring to spending years in long-term relationships or seeing each other for only short periods of time during international visits.

4. People in glass houses ...

People in glass houses ...
"And quite frankly," Ashley accuses, "acting offended by the show and the relationships kinda is dumb considering ... well ... her and her relationships are more messy than most 90 Day couples."

5. "Just saying"

"Just saying"
Ashley is making some very solid points, here. And we all know Ashley's bumpy relationship history -- when she's calling people out, you know that they've screwed up.

6. So what got Amber so riled up in the first place?

So what got Amber so riled up in the first place?
This post, by Teen Mom Mama Drama on Instagram, was one of several that compared 90 Day Fiance couples to Teen Mom couples. It was mostly harmless fun, prodding reality stars. In this case, pointing out that Amber and Geoffrey both have histories of arrests and domestic violence.

7. Dimitri spoke up first

Dimitri spoke up first
Dimitri is Amber's Belgian boyfriend, a superfan-turned-boyfriend after Amber's last romance ended with her arrest last July. Dimitri thinks that the comparison is intended to poke fun at their international relationship, somehow missing that Teen Mom Mama Drama drew up multiple comparisons with multiple Teen Mom couples.

8. Then Amber flipped out

Then Amber flipped out
Amber went so far as to threaten to SUE an Instagram page for the comparison, insisting that they were somehow maligning Belgians (???). That doesn't make any kind of sense.

9. She apologized ... to Dimitri

She apologized ... to Dimitri
For whatever reason, she became fixated on the idea that a joke at her expense (because it highlighted her history as a domestic abuser) was actually an insult aimed at Dimitri.

10. She didn't get it at all

She didn't get it at all
Amber accused others of not using their brains when a simple Google search could have told her exactly why people might associate her with Geoffrey Paschel. Heck, their arrests last year were only a few weeks apart.

11. Her ranting got worse and worse

Her ranting got worse and worse
Amber decided to (apparently) blame mental illness for her domestic violence arrests. Fun fact: millions of people with mental illness never commit a single act of domestic violence in their lives. It is not an excuse or even an explanation for her bad, abusive choices.

12. She started spiraling out of control

She started spiraling out of control
When someone clapped back, referring to how she doesn't seem to spend much time with her kids on Teen Mom, Amber blew a gasket. It's not a good look.

13. Way off topic

Way off topic
Remember, this was about a comparison to Geoffrey Paschel, who is accused by multiple ex-wives AND multiple ex-girlfriends of brutal physical abuse against them and against his own children. His latest arrest, from June 2019, stemmed from an attack in which his then-girlfriend's phone was damaged so that she could not call for help and her blood was smeared in multiple rooms of the house. She managed to escape and flee to a neighbor's for help and to call 911. The police report says that Geoffrey continued to rage even after arrested, attempting to kick out the squad car's windows like a maniac.

14. Most viewers don't know this about him

Most viewers don't know this about him
TLC shamefully cast him on their show and then failed to edit him out or put up a disclaimer, merely disinviting him from the Tell All. Not all viewers are aware of his lengthy criminal history, though many did see red flags when he went into a rage while visiting Varya in Russia.

15. People were comparing her to Geoffrey

People were comparing her to Geoffrey
That was the whole point. Dimitri being from Europe was an incidental detail that, again, none of the other comparisons needed. But we we all know that when Amber gets angry, there's no reasoning with her.

16. Finally, someone told her what was up

Finally, someone told her what was up
At least, we assume so, because she then described having been a victim of brutal domestic violence at some point during her Teen Mom career. That his horrifying. That only makes it harder to understand why she would turn around and inflict this abuse upon not one but two partners of her own.

17. Finally, it was enough

Finally, it was enough
Amber realized that she had gone Full Clown in the comments of a harmless post and opted to delete it all.

18. That was a LOT

That was a LOT
Ashley, it seems, may be playing catch-up, since she posted this to her Instagram Story several days later.

19. Weird how people misunderstand the show

Weird how people misunderstand the show
TLC didn't create the 90 day time limit that inspired the show's title -- that is US policy regarding K-1 visas. And again, that only governs time spent together in the US for the 90 days before the wedding. Most couples have spent time together before this. The ones that haven't have usually spent years in a long distance relationship.

20. 90 Day Fiance has its own drama

90 Day Fiance has its own drama
For example, Ashley's husband Jay Smith has cheated on her multiple times -- and those are just the cheating incidents that we know about.

21. But that's not the show's fault

But that's not the show's fault
That's just what happens when a cheater gets married -- he keeps on cheating. And right now, Ashley and Jay appear to be trying to make it work with more success than anyone thought possible. Will it last? Only time will tell.

22. She was right to call out Amber

She was right to call out Amber
If Amber doesn't understand the premise of a show, she can look it up before mouthing off. If you want to find someone to be embarrassed because of the title of the show that made them famous ... Amber, look in the mirror, girl.

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