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We have admittedly lost count of how many marriage do-overs Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are on at this point, but they’re keeping track.

In fact, they just celebrated a very special anniversary … of the day that Jana discovered that Mike was a huge cheater.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin, Four Years Later
Photo via Instagram

This week, Mike Caussin took to Jana’s Instagram to reflect on an important milestone.

"Four years ago yesterday," he begins, "was discovery day,"

Mike explains: "That was the day that Jana found out about all the s–t I was doing."

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Enjoy Time Together
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By "all the s–t," Mike of course is referring to multiple affairs, which Jana discovered in 2016.

Eventually, this led to him being in treatment for alleged "sex addiction."

Mike spent 60 days in rehab. In March 2019, he celebrated one year of being "clean" in this regard.

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"It was a life-changing, really bad day, obviously, for both of us," Mike recalls.

"But we were able to lean into each other," he reflects.

"And," Mike continues, they were able to "connect over it and have gratitude for where we are at now compared to four years ago,"

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense
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"As Mike shared in his Mike Monday today," Jana wrote on Instagram, "yesterday marked 4 years since discovery of his affairs."

‘Holy hell was 4 years ago the worst day of both of our lives," she acknowledges.

"And damn," Jana remarks, "did our world literally explode."

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"But last night was the first time on this day that we were closer than ever," Jana affirms.

"Sure," she added, "there were some tears."

Jana emphasized: "but the connection was stronger than it’s ever been."

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"I’m so thankful for the way Mike leaned in with empathy," Jana expressed.

She added: "That makes all the difference."

"Today’s podcast," Jana noted, "we answered some really tough emails."

Jana and Mike Celebrate 4 years of Marriage!
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She noted that they responded to the emails "and had some great conversations about addiction."

"You’re not alone," Jana’s message concluded, reaching out to any other couples dealing with similar issues.

Jana then, of course, plugs their Whine Down podcast, as one does.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!
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Of course, in addition to their podcast, Jana and Mike are also monetizing their personal issues with an upcoming book.

The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully comes out on September 22.

Hopefully, by that release date, excited fans will be done reading the title and will be ready to open the book and read its contents.

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin
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Mike has come under fire by those who accuse him of hiding behind the "sex addiction" label, a label not supported by the broader psychiatric community.

There is a line of thought that says that normal activities that cannot or should not be quit altogether, such as eating, exercise, and sex, should not be given the "addiction" label.

More to the point, some believe that these men simply chose to indulge themselves in sex because they were horny, and only use the label to excuse their behavior as an illness.

Jana Kramer and Family
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Jana and Mike have come under fire as a couple for taking Mike’s alleged condition and choosing to monetize it.

Podcasts, interviews, and books are all ways that they can enrich themselves using their marital problems.

Others counter by saying that … yes, this is exactly what they’re doing, it but it’s smart and they have every right to do it.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer in 2015
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Honestly? Whatever works for them.

Mike probably doesn’t like that Jana is constantly bringing up his feral, out of control penis. Jana probably doesn’t like that he cheated on her.

If this is working for their marriage and they’re happy, it’s hard to see the harm in documenting their struggles … even if Mike’s alleged "condition" is not considered to be legit by the greater psychiatric community.