Amber Portwood Threatens to STAB Andrew Glennon In Shocking Leaked Audio!

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Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges.

The Teen Mom OG star allegedly brandished a machete and attacked her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old son.

Despite Amber's long history of violent behavior, she was defended by numerous supporters, including her co-stars, who repeatedly stated that they did not believe the allegations.

Now, however, an audio recording obtained by the YouTube vlog Without a Crystal Ball proves definitively that Amber was in the habit of physically threatening Andrew and engaging in all manner of verbal abuse.

We wonder what her castmates will have to say now ...

Take a look:

1. House of Horrors

House of Horrors
There was a time when Amber and Andrew seemed to enjoy a decently happy relationship. But after their July 4 blowout, Andrew revealed that he lived in fear of her from the start.

2. Now We Know Why

Now We Know Why
Amber is still awaiting trial after being arrested for attacking Andrew with a machete on Independence Day.

3. A Short Leash

A Short Leash
Though she was quickly released on bond, Portwood has been barred from contacting Glennon, and she's only permitted to see her son, James, during brief, court-supervised visits.

4. The Real Fireworks

The Real Fireworks
According to Andrew, Amber became upset and started an argument due to the fact that the family was running late for a local fireworks display.

5. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
Glennon says she soon became physically aggressive and attacked him while he was holding baby James.

6. Unconscionable

She later brandished a machete, and when Andrew locked himself inside a bedroom with James, Amber attempted to break down the door.

7. Wildly Erratic

Wildly Erratic
When Glennon threatened to call police, Amber swallowed a large number of Klonopin tablets and threatened to take her own life. She regurgitated the pills when he actually dialed 911.

8. Queen of Lies

Queen of Lies
In the months since her arrest, Amber has maintained her innocence and has repeatedly accused Andrew of lying about the whole thing.

9. Band of Enablers

Band of Enablers
Shockingly, she's received a great deal of support from her Teen Mom OG co-stars, most notably Catelynn Lowell.

10. The Wrong Side of History

The Wrong Side of History
“There is always two sides to every story… u r only hearing one side sooo [peace] out I love you @AmberLPortwood,” Lowell tweeted after the charges against Amber became public.

11. Trigger Warning

We wonder if Catelynn is singing a different tune in the wake of startling new evidence that Amber engaged in horrendously abusive behavior toward Andrew. Warning: The content of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

12. Terrifying Stuff

Terrifying Stuff
Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball Vlog claims the recording (which begins around the 5:00 mark) was sent to her by a member of Andrew's family -- and it leaves little doubt about the extent of Amber's rage issues.

13. Just Awful

Just Awful
The clip begins with Amber demanding that Andrew pick up James. “If you don’t pick him up you f--king fat piece of s--t,” she yells. “I’m going to f--king stab you!”

14. Appalling

“Get your fat ass and get him!” she continues. When Andrew says he thought Amber was watching the baby that day, she replies that she's “looking for a house to leave.”

15. What a Gal

What a Gal
“I’m not watching him today, you’re f--king stupid!” Portwood continues.

16. She Certainly Makes Her Point

She Certainly Makes Her Point
"I'm not going to watch him today after what you did!" Portwood screams.

17. A True Psychopath

A True Psychopath
Amber then becomes upset about the presence of security cameras in the house, screaming, “Where’s the camera at in here? Where’s the camera? Show me the f--king camera, bitch!”

18. Absolutely Insane

Absolutely Insane
Glennon reminds Portwood that she destroyed the camera, saying, “You chopped it with a sword!” She doesn't deny this, shooting back, "Because you have cameras in my f--king room, dude!”

19. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
From there, Amber begins ranting about what she believes would happen to Andrew in prison. “You’re a little f--king p--sy. I bet you if you got in trouble you’d sit there and take on 30 people!” she says.

20. Come Again?

Come Again?
Andrew seems confused by this comment, leading Amber to elaborate, “Yeah, you would. Because you’d get raped!”

21. She Just Keeps Going

After that, Amber returns to the topic of cameras, shouting at Andrew: "Nobody would ever do that, sit there and taking f--king videos of people. Nobody would do that in a regular relationship. It’s only because I’m on television that you even f--king do that. You’re a scummy little bitch!”

22. A Simple Question

A Simple Question
When Andrew asks why Amber is attacking him for installing security cameras, Amber REALLY goes off. "I wasn’t attacking you Andrew!” she yells. “I will do whatever I f--king please! I am five foot f**king two and for you to sit there and say I f**king attacked you, I will not do this s**t again. I have lawyers up the ass!”

23. She's the Worst

She's the Worst
When Andrew reminds Amber that she just threatened to stab him, she loses it yet again. “People say things all the time when they’re pissed off,” she says. “That’s not an excuse. And, no [the threat] will not hold up in court.”

24. More Kind Words

More Kind Words
“You are really dumb, OK?” she snaps back. “For you to even say that is stupid, and r-tarded and you’re an idiot. You should not have woke me up this morning. I told you a million times!”

25. Just When You Think She Can't Top Herself

Just When You Think She Can't Top Herself
Katie then displays photos of the security camera equipment that Amber allegedly destroyed with her sword.

26. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
She concludes the segment by asking if so many would be quick to defend Amber if she were a man. Clearly, that question answers itself. We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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