Amber Portwood Arrest: New Details Emerge

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We have an update on the troubling Amber Portwood situation.

As you very likely know by now, the Teen Mom OG star was arrested early in the morning of July 5 after she allegedly attacked Andrew Glennon.

Making matters even more troubling and worrisome? Glennon was holding the couple's one-year old son, James, in his hands at the time.

Pretty scary stuff all around, as Amber was booked on a FELONY charge of domestic violence.

For the latest on what is going on with Portwood, along with what she allegedly did to Glennon, scroll down and click around...

1. What Do We Know About This Arrest?

What Do We Know About This Arrest?
Portwood was taken into custody by Indiana police around 6 a.m. last Friday.

2. Did She Really Assault Glennon?

Did She Really Assault Glennon?
Yes. According to the official police report, Andrew sent a text message to 911 at 2:14 a.m. that read simply "I need help. My life and my son's life is in danger."

3. What Happened, Exactly?

What Happened, Exactly?
This is what we've now learned. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Ryan Salisbury is on record as saying an argument between Amber and Andrew commenced around 2 a.m.

4. This is What Amber is Accused of Doing:

This is What Amber is Accused of Doing:
"Ms. Portwood grew increasingly agitated until she struck him with her shoe in the right side of his neck," Salisbury wrote in the court document.

5. She Hit Andrew with a Shoe?!?

She Hit Andrew with a Shoe?!?
Correct. And it sounds as if Portwood has confirmed this allegation as well.

6. Portwood Reportedly Admitted This

Portwood Reportedly Admitted This
"Ms. Portwood stated that she did indeed strike (her boyfriend) with a shoe," Salisbury also wrote, adding: "But stated that 'it was in the shoulder and I barely hit him.'"

7. Is There Evidence?

Is There Evidence?
Yes. An officer on the scene observed scratches and red marks on Andrew's neck and an evidence technician took photographs of the injuries, it says in this same report.

8. And What About Young James?

And What About Young James?
Glennon, was, indeed holding the couple's son in his right arm at the time, the police say, although the child was not injured. Thank goodness.

9. A History of Violence?

A History of Violence?
Andrew told officers that Portwood has hit him several times in the past and has threatened him countless times.

10. Where is Amber Now?

Where is Amber Now?
It's unclear. A spokesperson for the Marion County Jail in Indiana has said that a woman unrelated to Portwood bailed her out at 4:30 p.m. on a cash bond of $2,000 on Saturday.

11. So... Andrew Did Not Bail Her Out?

So... Andrew Did Not Bail Her Out?
Nope. He's clearly still very mad and the future of this relationship is now in question.

12. When/Where Will We See Amber Again?

When/Where Will We See Amber Again?
She was due in court for a hearing on Monday, but it has now been moved Wednesday, July 10, after “the state asked for a continuance.”

13. Could We Have Seen This Coming?

Could We Have Seen This Coming?
Yes and no. Amber had just gushed and gushed over Glennon, referring to him as a "beautiful" person in an interview just this past spring with Us Weekly.

14. HOWEVER...

There are a couple of other factors at play here. For starters, she actually ALSO attacked ex-boyfriend and first baby daddy Gary Shirley in 2010, eventually ending up in prison for 17 months as a result of this arrest.

15. She is Also Bipolar

She is Also Bipolar
We are not passing judgment on Amber here at all. Not one bit. But she has talked openly about this diagnosis and how it causes her to lose control at times.

16. She Actually JUST Talked About This

She Actually JUST Talked About This
The episode of Teen Mom OG that aired on July 8 actually focused a great deal on Portwood's mental state and history of mental illness after Cheyenne Floyd nicely asked Amber for an explanation.

17. Really? How Fortuitous...

Really? How Fortuitous...
We know, right? Amber said this on air on Monday night: "Obviously since the day we started this show, I've been f-cking nuts, so I mean, come on."

18. She Even Added This:

She Even Added This:
"You know what I mean. Like, I've been beating up people, going in jail and all that."

19. She'd Never Hurt James, Though

She'd Never Hurt James, Though
Not on purpose, of course not. But her point here is that she really can't control herself when certain things happen and/or set her off.

20. So, Now What?!?

So, Now What?!?
We don't know. Will Andrew dump her? Might she lose custody of James? We may know more after her upcoming hearing. Stay tuned, fans.

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