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It’s been the overriding theme of a mostly boring Sister Wives season:

Kody Brown and his spouses own a lot of land in Flagstaff, Arizona — and they aren’t sure what to do with it.

Kody Brown with Wives

Loyal viewers of this long-running reality show are very familiar with thee quandry, and probably a little bit irritated by it at this point.

Throughout the most recent run of episodes, the debate over whether Kody ought to build one huge home for all his Sister Wives and young kids has stirred up tension between Brown and each of his better halves.

And it’s also forced Kody to become defensive on social media.

He recently admitted that there hasn’t been anything else going on in his world for over a year now, practically apologizing for living such a boring existence.

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But here’s the thing:

How many fans out there have even seen the Flagstaff property in question?

We’ve heard Robyn complain about Kody wanting to buy another house and we watched as Meri actually got forced out of one rental by critical neighbors, only to then find an even bigger home weeks later.

But perhaps it’s now worth stopping to wonder just what is at the heart of this ongoing real estate dispute within the family.

Sister Wives, United

About two years after the Browns relocated from Las Vegas to Arizona, we’ve now gotten our hands on some photos of their new residences and parcels of land.

For example?

Robyn is the only Sister Wives spouse to actually be living in house she owns.

As you can see below, too, it’s rather nice, having been purchased for $890,000 and being comprised of five bedrooms. It also sits on a full four acres.

According to property records, meanwhile, Kody also picked up the following three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in September of 2018 for $520,000.

This 2,400-squarefoot residence has solar panels, granite countertops and vaulted ceilings …

… and it sits on two acres less than a mile from Coyote Pass, which is where the Browns have picked up a few other parcels of land.

And that land is where the controversy really begins for the family.

This 2.42-acre spread in Coyote Pass was billed in its official listing as a chance to "build your dream home on a treed parcel."

It’s unclear exactly when Kody bought the property, but it had last been on the market in 2016 for $222,900.

The landscape offers views of the San Francisco Peaks and it’s located minutes from Flagstaff.

It’s not the only property Kody owns in Coyote Pass, though, as he bought a lot (below) with Christine for $300,000 in 2018.

The 5.16-acre space boasts "privacy and serenity," as well as "breathtaking views," per

It’s believed to be an ideal location for a home tucked into the dense Ponderosa Pines. On the land, an island pond even brings in deer and elk.

We aren’t finished, though. Not yet.

In 2018, Kody and Robyn also picked up two lots in June.

One is 4.48 acres "uniquely located overlooking a pond," for which they paid $180,000. It also has views of the San Francisco Peaks and we’ve posted a picture of it here:

And then, finally, there are the 2.42 acres below, which were listed as being a "gentle sloping" parcel with a blend of ponderosa pines and meadowlands.

It was purchased for $170,000 about two years ago.

It all looks pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Now that Kody has accumulated all these houses and all this land, however, the question will continue to be asked.

Over and over and over, until all Sister Wives and all Sister Wives fans want to scream:

What will he do with it?!?