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Chalk this up to Topics We Did Not Think We’d Be Writing About Today.

Alas, here we are.

Thanks to Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown and the bizarre message she has posted on Facebook.

Christine Brown Sits and Stares
Photo via Instagram

Just a couple days after apologizing for using the Black Lives Matter movement as an excuse to sell t-shirts, Christine finds herself in the center of yet another controversy.

And, like we said above, we absolutely did NOT see this one coming.

On Saturday, Brown shared a picture of a rainbow over what was meant to be a photo of Noah’s famous Ark, writing as a very odd caption along with it:

Let’s be honest, I trust God but I think some animals should have been left behind! Post photos of animals you think should have drowned!

Yes, you guys: Post. Photos. Of. Animals. You. Think. Should. Have. Drowned.

(It’s also unusual for one to write the words "I trust God, but…")

According to biblical lore, Noah’s Ark was the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative through which God spared Noah, his family, and examples of all the world’s animals from a world-engulfing flood.

Noah has been hailed as a hero for scooping up two of every single animal species and saving them from extinction.

It’s pretty darn rare to see anyone criticize the guy for having saved too many of our furry friends.

Photo via Instagram

But this somehow is what Christine is now advocating, much to the chagrin of her followers.

"There’s not one animal I would have left behind," responded one critic to Brown’s post, while another agreed as follows:

"Every creature has a purpose, I couldn’t drown any living thing."

Then there was a Reddit user who said Christine is "losing it" and another who chimed in with:

"This is so weird…has a sadistic feel to it, like she wants to watch animals drown. And apparently butterflies, turtles, and ladybugs are the scourge of the Earth."

Christine Brown Breaks a Sweat

To be fair — to some extent, at least — we can’t say for certain that Christine is wishing death upon such lovely animals as the butterfly.

Perhaps she just saw a raccoon in her backyard last week and got grossed out or something.

Or a snake, considering she lives in Arizona.

But still: it’s a bit far and very much cruel to then go on and say you wish that entire species had become extinct, you know?

Photo via Instagram

Christine, who is typically pro-polygamy and the least likely Sister Wives star to rock any boats, is coming off an even bigger scandal.

Just last week, she was trashed by followers for using the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement — which fights racial inequality, injustice and police brutality — to promote the LuLaRoe attire.

"This year has been SO HARD so far! From fires to looting to killing to shaming.

"It seems like being ‘perfectly imperfect’ fits for all of us though. No matter how we stand politically or socially," she wrote as a caption to herself ion a Perfectly Imperfect top from the brand.

Christine Brown and Her Weight Loss

Brown then added:

"I wish this was a world where we could all have honor and trust and hey, a lot more love would be awesome too! #becauseoflularoe #lularoeretailer #lovinlife #perfectlyimperfect.”

After garnering heaps of criticism for this kind of exploitation, Christine turned her Instagram comments off for awhile.

Christine Brown on Date Night
Photo via Instagram

She proceeded to apologize about 24 hours later with this statement:

Working out is hard. Saying sorry is hard. Admitting you were wrong is hard. Saying #blacklivesmatter isn’t hard!! Let’s say it and LIVE IT! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!

Fair enough. And we agree.

But don’t all animal lives matter, too, Christine?