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Kody Brown may have seen his dreams go up in a cloud of smoke on Sunday night.

Or, to be more specific, Kody Brown may have seen his dreams go up in a whirlwind of tears, complaints and disagreements on the latest episode of Sister Wives.

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The selfish reality star sat down with his four better halves once again this week and discussed his proposal of everyone living under the same roof in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This has been the main topic of debate on every Sister Wives installment of 2020, with Kody making very little progress in his attempts to convince Meri, Christine, Robyn and/or Janelle that this is a good idea.

Christine, in fact, has grown more and more adamant over recent weeks that building one home for all the Sister Wives and their children is a terrible idea.

And she remained that way last night.

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"Meri seems sort of on the fence, Robyn seems sort of inquisitive, more negative than positive about it to be honest," Kody explained in a confessional on this episode, adding as part of his rundown:

"And Janelle, who originally seemed sort of positive about it.

"But I think Christine is so down on this, that it’s infecting everybody."

What made her feel this way?

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“In Vegas and now, you and I were a couple in our home. Whereas in the big house, the only couple time we really had was in our bedroom, really," she toold Kody on air, continuing as follows:

‘Because anybody and everybody could walk in any time, I wouldn’t feel like we could be a couple anywhere except our room again.”

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

Nope. Not to Kody it doesn’t.

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"She’s doesn’t wanna see me with another wife," Kody said, prior to mocking Christine for thinking that the Sister Wives would just walk around and disturb each other in this giant home.

He scoffed at Christine’s notion that one Sister Wife would just, like, walk into a living room whike Kody was watching television with another.

"Christine might walk through somebody’s door without knocking," he added.

"But I know that Janelle and Robyn wouldn’t do that. I don’t think Meri would ever do it."

Kody came across all episode as completely clueless and utterly self-obsessed.

He viewed all of the Sister Wives’ objections to his polygamous palace through the prism of his own interests and his own ego — which, sadly, is how the entire concept of a plural marriage works, we suppose.

It’s about the husband. All of the time.

"None of them, or some of them, cannot handle me come and go with another wife," Kody said at one point. "That’s the elephant in the room that no one’s saying."

Kody Brown in a Confessional
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Except… that’s what everyone basically did say. If only Kody would listen, you know?

"Sometimes you just wanna have the autonomy with Kody without everyone knowing what’s going on," Robyn said simply, before breaking down in tears over both the proposal but also the way Kody was practically bullying his women.

The guy seemed to reach his breaking point throughout this debate, irate and perplexed over why the Sister Wives weren’t just giving in to his request.

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"I think everyone is thinking one thing and only one thing: How much do I have to see the face of that other woman?" Kody said, in anger, toward the end.

As you can see, he’s now pitting the ladies against each other, failing to understand this very obvious issue each one has with his dream scenario.

Everything here could perhaps be solved if the Browns just moved back to Utah.

Or if Kody stopped being such a terrible person.

One or the other.