Christine Brown Offers Hope; Could Sister Wives Actually Return?

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It may not be the most important question on the minds of Americans these days, considering the outbreak of a global pandemic, but it's a question being asked nonetheless:

Will Sister Wives be canceled?

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The past season of this long-running TLC reality show was considered a major letdown by even the most loyal followers.

Nearly every installment centered around Kody Brown trying to convince his spouses that they ought to construct one large home on their Coyote Pass property in which the whole family can reside.

Kody was for it; Christine, Meri, Robyn and Janelle were all against it; and this argument was pretty much all we witnessed on a weekly basis from the Browns.

Talk about a trip to Snooze Town every Sunday night, you know?

Kody with Family

Due to the boring nature of this storyline, along with more disdain than ever before for Kody and his narcissism, it's conceivable that Sister Wives will not be renewed.

Also not helping the show's potential future?

The latest season was cut short due to Covid-19, as there won't be a Sister Wives Tell-All special this year, which comes as a huge blow to veteran viewers who look forward to this reunion episode every season.

Where does this leave the series?

Brown, Kody

In limbo... but Christine Brown just gave fans a reason to hope for another round of Kody berating his better halves.

Especially active on Instagram amid the quarantine, Christine was asked late last week about daughter Ysabel.

If you remember a few seasons back, this poor young girl was forced to wear a harness in an effort to help her painful and damaging scoliosis.

Practically in tears, Ysabel struggled mightily with this condition, but doctors hoped such an eextreme measure with fix the curvature of Ysabel's spine without surgery.

Christine Brown and Kody

How is Christine's daughter doing these days?

It seemed like a simple question posed to the reality star by a follower a couple days ago, but Brown gave a very limited response.

She told this individual that she wasn't allowed to get into any real detail because she had signed a non-disclosure agreement and we'd learn more about Ysabel on air at some point, which seems to at least confirm that Sister Wives hasn't been canceled yet.

Otherwise, that sort of agreement would be null and void.

Christine Brown Looks Confused

It's a small nugget, to be sure.

Most networks sign cast members to contracts of various lengths, yet their programs can still be axed at any time.

Christine, perhaps the only Sister Wife on decent terms with Kody these days, is only really telling us with this reveal that TLC hasn't yet decided what to do with her family's polarizing show.

But, hey, at least that's something, right?

Happy Anniversary to Us!

There's also perhaps some solace to be taken in cold, hard numbers:

Season 14 premiered on January 5 with 1,731,000 viewers. It then ended on April 12 with 2,381,000 viewers, according to The Sun UK.

That's quite an increase and it proves once again that social media isn't real life.

Yes, many folks out there complained about Season 14... but many more folks out there tuned in to watch.

What else does TLC need to see in order to issue a renewal?

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