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Has the time finally come for the Sister Wives?

Over two years since Kody Brown moved his family from Las Vegas to Arizona, fans online are now wondering whether the unpopular reality star and his four spouses have at last made their one big move.

Sister Wives, United
Photo via TLC

Which is to ask:

Are the Browns actually living on their Coyote Pass property?

As Sister Wives fans know well by now, Kody purchased a massive lot in Flagstaff back in the day.

However, it continued to sit vacant long after he, Janelle, Meri, Robyn and Christine shifted home states, with Kody unsure exactly what to do with this lot.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot
Photo via TLC

A majority of this past Sister Wives season was spent on Kody trying to convince his wives that should ALL live under one giant roof in Coyote Pass, an idea that didn’t really sit well with any of the women.

As a result, Kody is currently renting a house apiece for Janelle, Meri and Christine, while Robyn owns her own home (and seems to be suffering financially as a result).

Just a couple weeks ago, it appeared as if Meri was throwing shade at Kody for failing to develop Coyote Pass in any way.

Now, however, some observers of the situation are wondering if some building had been going on behind the scenes — and if the mansion is actually finished.

Kody Brown with Wives
Photo via tLC

Christine is the one who has prompted this curiosity, simply due to her latest Instagram photo and caption.

“Just ending fresh air and sunshine today!! Good to be alive! #momlife #freshair #chillin,” the TV personality wrote alongside the following snapshot.

As you can see, the new portrait features Christine sitting on some stairs outside.

These stairs aren’t recognizable to those who have been fans of Christine and the Sister Wives for awhile.

Christine Brown Sits and Stares
Photo via Instagram

“Are you guys in houses on Coyote Pass now?” one social media user asked in the comment section, leading other people to chime in with similar thoughts on the subject.

“Nothing has been done at Coyote Pass still,” one person corrected, adding as an explanation:

“Someone went by it a few months ago while on vacation and posted a bunch of photos."

Relatedly, another individual pointed out Christine seems to still be at the original property she purchased upon her move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas.

TLC Confessional
Photo via TLC

In May, Meri herself shared a photo of the sprawling land in Coyote Pass, which fueled speculation that none of the construction has started yet.

We’d have to imagine Kody would have let the world know if this wasn’t the case, considering all the criticism he’s received for having stalled for so long on the project.

With no word yet from Kody, we’re gonna assume that nothing has happened yet on the lot.

And we’re gonna go ahead and ask once more:

When will this change?!?