Big Ed Brown and Baby Girl Lisa Hamme EXPLODE During Leaked 90 Day Fiance Tell All

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We already shared a number of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All spoilers after a massive amount of info was leaked.

Now, we know about one of the most explosive fights at the filming -- one that might not make it into the final edit that airs.

At least, not in whole, given some of the topics.

Two of this season's most eye-catching yet infamous stars, Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Big Ed Brown, go head to heat.

It's a clash of controversial titans. Obscenities are yelled, scandals are brought up, and Usman's bids to make peace can only do so much.

Leaks this thorough are rare, and so are fights this vicious. Take a look:

1. Shaun is back!

Shaun is back!
Like everyone else, host Shaun Robinson Skyped in to chat with the stars for the Tell All. We had comically envisioned her alone on an empty stage surrounded by screens, but having them all video chat makes much more sense.

2. The stars see some footage

The stars see some footage
Shaun shows them a (thus far unaired) clip of Usman and Lisa preparing for their wedding. As always seems to happen with them, there is conflict, and Lisa storms off. Shaun's intention is to get a simple reaction and discussion going.

3. Avery Warner speaks up

Avery Warner speaks up
"I’m still trying to see the love,” Avery expresses to Baby Girl Lisa and Usman. “Where’s the love between you guys? Because everything that I’m seeing is just yelling at each other, trying to assert [your] voice over the other person, your position over that person’s position. So I’m just sitting here, like, what drew you guys together? Usman, why do you love Lisa?”

4. Avery's not done

Avery's not done
From her perspective, she explains, BGL and Usman look like they're negotiating a business deal that involves getting married, which is very different from actually loving each other. “I don’t see any love really."

5. Then it's Ed's turn

Then it's Ed's turn
"Lisa, at first, with all due respect, you’re like a bull in a china shop, OK?" Ed begins. "At first I thought you were the definition of a narcissist, but I’m, like, “No way!” You’re like the definition of -- you’re delusional! Your thoughts are contradicted by reality!"

6. He thinks she is unfair to Usman

He thinks she is unfair to Usman
"You live your life in social media. That’s how you get all your information, and then you throw it at people. And, I mean, this guy, I don’t know what else he could’ve done for you. He showed you so much much respect. And even his friends ..." Ed adds.

7. Lisa flips out

Lisa flips out
It's amazing that she was as quiet as she was for as long as she was, but she then lays into Avery and Ed, admonishing them that they had better not be tuning into her segment just to show her disrespect. (Why is it that the least respectful people feel the most entitled to it?)

8. Lisa starts to threaten them

Lisa starts to threaten them
Usman saves the day, and not for the last time, by interrupting and singing the chorus from "I Love You." Everyone laughs and there are a few moments of peace.

9. Ed tries to explain

Ed tries to explain
"It’s not about disrespect, I’m just being honest with you," Ed tells her, prompting Lisa to fire back: "Ed! What the hell do you know about honesty?! What the f--k do you know about honesty?! You f--king lied to Rose!" That is true.

10. Big Ed wants BGL to take a long look in the mirror

Big Ed wants BGL to take a long look in the mirror
"But Lisa," Ed tries to explain over BGL's furious tone, "listen to how you talk. Lisa, listen to yourself." Avery chimes in with a much gentler: "Lisa, when you feel like you’re being attacked, you shut down." Lisa disagrees ... and Usman starts singing again.

11. Ed thinks that Lisa can't handle criticism

Ed thinks that Lisa can't handle criticism
"Lisa, you run away like a 51-year-old adolescent. You run away from conversations," he points out, after they just watched a clip of her doing exactly that.

12. Avery tries to add her voice

Avery tries to add her voice
"When things are wrong in your guys’ relationship, the entire world knows about it," she points out. "Like, the entire internet knows about it -- everyone knows when there’s a problem, and I don’t think Usman’s doing that to you whatsoever."

13. BGL does the only thing that she can do -- she deflects

BGL does the only thing that she can do -- she deflects
"Oh yes he has Avery, so shut up and listen. He has gone on social media, just like you got on Ed’s live drunk out of your godd--n mind and made an ass out of yourself," she accuses out of nowhere, while both Avery and Ed ask what in the world she's talking about. "The whole world seen that! You were drunk on Ed’s live. EVERYBODY’S talking about that! Everybody was laughing at you because you were so drunk, Avery. You were talking s--t so bad!"

14. Ed doesn't remember it like that

Ed doesn't remember it like that
"Lisa! Lisa, is that the show? Is the internet the show? Where is your head? You are delusional!" Ed tells BGL. "You’re delusional. You are delusional. Delusional. Delusional."

15. Avery tries to draw Usman into the talk

Avery tries to draw Usman into the talk
"Hey Usman! Not all American women are like that," she advises him. Lisa snaps: "That’s why Ash dumped your ass!"

16. Then it's Ed's turn again

Then it's Ed's turn again
"Usman, listen to me," he says while Lisa yells at Avery. "Usman! She is the exception to the rule. There are so many more nicer women that aren’t disrespectful like she is. She treated you like a piece of s--t. She treated you like a little slave. It made me sick! You made America sick Lisa! You embarrassed America. You treated him like a little ghost."

17. Lisa loses her entire mind

Lisa loses her entire mind
"Ed F--K YOU! You’re the ghost! YOU’RE THE F--KING GHOST! YOU’RE THE F--KING GHOST! F--K YOU! You sit here and talk s--t? No! No! F--k you Ed!" she rants.

18. Ed wants her to talk things out

Ed wants her to talk things out
"Delusional. Delusional. You live on the internet," Ed tells her. Lisa counters by saying that he is the delusional one. Ed retorts: "Lisa, you live on the internet. The internet is your reality. The internet is your reality."

19. Lisa goes off on Ed

Lisa goes off on Ed
"Let me tell you what the f--k Ed did! He sat there and used that f--king woman to go on this show because no other f--king woman would! You f--king used her! you f--king used Rose!" Lisa admonishes, repeating Rosemarie Vega's accusations that Ed used her for fame. "You f--king used her. POINT BLANK ED! You f--king used her! Usman and I did not use each other!"

20. Ed tries to respond

Ed tries to respond
He's trying to interject, either to defend himself or to bring Lisa back to the topic at hand. No matter his intentions, he was unsuccessful.

21. Lisa is NOT having it

Lisa is NOT having it
"No! Shut the f--k up! I’m talking! I’m talking! When you talked to Rose, you told Rose her f--king breath stinks, shave your legs — when you’re coming in with your f--king greased up hair looking like a f--king [bum yourself?]. Then you say she’s f--king taking your money! You said she took your money!"

22. Usman tries to make peace

Usman tries to make peace
He asks Ed to lower his voice, and Ed explains that he was yelling (back at BGL) "because Lisa can’t handle criticism." That's true, but was clearly the wrong thing to say, because Lisa went for the jugular.

23. Ed has been accused of predatory behavior

Ed has been accused of predatory behavior
"You’re gonna let this f--king pervert whose got charges -- charges for sexual harassment and sexual grooming -- you’re gonna let this idiot come at me with the f--king charges he’s got?" Lisa demands, referring to a TikTok video in which a young woman accused Big Ed of harassment and assault.

24. Lisa isn't done

Lisa isn't done
"OK, this f--king pervert has been grooming women. The women are coming out of the woodwork because Ed has molested them, he’s groomed them. And god only knows what the f--k else he did to them!" To be clear, we know very few specifics about this woman's accusations against Ed, as the woman says that she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

25. Ed says that she is delusional

Ed says that she is delusional
He dismisses what Lisa is saying as yet another thing that she read on the internet. (If he had really wanted to fire back, he could have mentioned her use of homophobic and racist slurs)

26. Then, BGL brings up Rose again

Then, BGL brings up Rose again
"What the f--k did Rose say last night? I do recall Rose saying that you used her for the show," Lisa says. "That’s the only reason you came to her, is you wanted the f--king publicity! You never loved that woman."

27. Ed keeps replying

Ed keeps replying
At this point, he's spiraling a little also, countering that Lisa is delusional and believes everything that she reads on the internet. (For the record, Rose said that stuff herself)

28. Lisa breaks the fourth wall

Lisa breaks the fourth wall
"Ed and Avery, you guys are really fake on here right now,” Lisa fumes before referring to someone who is presumably a producer. “So, Harry, if you hear my f--king voice, remove these two right now! These two are the most fake f--king [??] on the show! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the most fake f--ks. Get ’em off now!"

29. A compromise is reached

A compromise is reached
Ed bows out of the conversation and is replaced by Tom Brooks. Eventually, Avery is replaced with Darcey. There is no telling how much of that will actually make it into the Tell All special itself, but ... wow.

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