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Last week, fans were treated to the trailer for 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. One of the couples was Geoffrey and Varya.

Unfortunately, extremely disturbing information has come to light regarding Geoffrey Paschel and serious accusations that he abused his ex.

Geoffrey on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

41-year-old Geoffrey Paschel is from Knoxville, Tennessee.

He works as an actor, and has a fairly extensive list of credits, mostly from crime documentaries.

His lady love on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is an event DJ named Varya who is from Russia.

But after reading Geoffrey’s legal history — from 2019 — fans are going to urge Varya to flee for her own safety.

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In June, Geoffrey’s then-girlfriend filed for an Order of Protection against him after he allegedly assaulted her in her home.

Starcasm did some investigating and got a look at the order itself.

The order includes a description of the alleged assault in grisly detail, and it sounds brutal.

If descriptions of domestic violence and blood loss are likely to upset you, we recommend that you stop reading.

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"When I got back to my house, I was attacked by Geoffrey Paschel," his ex writes.

She describes: "He repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home."

"He dragged me through the house by my hair and continued throwing my body into walls and furniture," she details.

Her statement adds: "(I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc. Also, the couch was overturned and the kitchen table was moved several feet.)"

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"I screamed for him to stop multiple times," she reports. "This went on for approximately 30 minutes."

"My nose was dripping blood into my mouth," she notes, "so he made me wash my face with the lights off and blow my nose."

"He flushed the toilet paper down the toilet when I was finished," she writes. "He then ordered me to get into my bed, which I did to stop any further abuse."

"He got on my phone and began deleting all contact (texts, e-mails, voicemails, pictures) between us," she describes.

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"He spent about 2 hours on my phone while I laid in bed beside him pretending to sleep," her statement continues.

"He pulled the screen off the front of the phone and disabled it so I could not call/text anyone," she adds, "then put it on the bedside table."

"He also synced my iCloud to his MacBook," she notes. It is widely common for abusers to monitor electronic activity.

"When he was finished going through my phone, he tried to embrace me and apologize," she adds.

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"I told him not to touch me and quickly jumped out of bed and ran out the front door to my neighbor’s house," the statement says.

"I rang her doorbell and asked her to call 9-1-1, which she immediately did," she writes.

Police apparently came quickly.

After reading that description of what we can only describe as evil itself, we are so glad that she lived.

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She went to the hospital, where she reports being treated for a contusion on her face and being given a CT scan.

She had a concussion, but luckily did not have any bleeding in her brain.

When she went home, she says that she found that he had taken her car keys.

We hope that Geoffrey’s 4-year-old, who was reportedly living with the victim alongside Geoffrey, was not there at the time.

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Unfortunately, this does not appear to have been the first time.

"In the past year (since Sept. 2018), Geoffrey has assaulted me 4 other times," she reveals in court documents.

She details: "This includes pushing, hitting, choking, and verbal threats."

We admire her courage in leaving. When a victim leaves, they are much more likely to be murdered by their abuser.

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There’s no telling if Varya, seen here and above, has heard any version of this yet.

The good news is that the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days doesn’t premiere until February 23, 2020.

That gives TLC two months to edit out every single scene of Geoffrey, even if they don’t start until his January hearing.

The bad news (well, the other bad news) is that we do not know if TLC has any intention of doing so. It may require a fan uproar.

We must emphasize that Geoffrey has not actually been convicted of this and has not confessed. This harrowing tale is just allegations for now.