Laura Jallali: 90 Day Fiance Star Reveals Hot Young Boyfriend While Trapped in Ecuador!

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Last year, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Laura Jallali moved on with another man after her husband divorced her.

On 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined, she reveals her new, younger man ... but announces that she is trapped in Ecuador.

Laura Jallali Says Happy Long Weekend

Laura moved to Ecuador after the Tell All special was filmed last autumn.

She was invited by castmate Evelyn Villegas, who mentioned that her limited funds would go a lot further there.

Laura was divorcing Aladin Jallali, her hunky husband, after their major and bitter falling out.

She had also lost her US residency and her pension by moving ... because she was originally Canadian.

The Other Way tell all 23 Laura face

Since then, Laura has been living in Ecuador, and was still there when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

So naturally, her Self-Quarantined footage detailed how she has found herself stuck there.

Ecuador has a 2pm curfew, and Laura notes that it is strictly enforced.

However, not all of the developments in her life are negative.

Laura and Aladin at the Beach

"I did actually end up meeting someone online," Laura reveals.

She shares that "We just really connected."

For a woman of, what, 52?, she is doing very well for her in terms of romance.

Sure, her marriage fizzled out ... but it sounds like she somehow managed to upgrade.

Laura on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

“Tony lives in California and is in dental college," Laura details.

"He is 25," she adds, "and very delicious to look at."

"I actually worry that Tony is too good to be true," Laura admits.

Literally what is this woman's secret. if she could bottle it, she could retire a billionaire.

Laura Wins at Bingo

Laura FaceTimed him and asked him why he fancied her, and he gave her exactly the right answer.

“I don’t even understand why this is a question," Tony protested. "I love talking to you."

He added: “I love your mind."

"It’s just a special connection," Tony said, calling Laura "my love muffin."

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

Laura bragged that Tony has "no issue” professing his love to her.

“It’s a little baffling to me," Laura admitted, "but Tony’s young."

"He still has a lot of growing up to do yet,” she admits.

Laura shares that she responds to his confessions of love with: “Thank you, I appreciate that."

The Other Way tell all 35 Laura Aladin divorce rev

"After this all ends, you and I, I feel like it’s just going to be our time, love muffin," Tony tells her.

"Last year I married my young, hot Tunisian Aladin, but shortly after, he asked me for a divorce,” Laura recalls to the camera.

“It really shocked me," she admits.

"But looking back now," Laura adds, "I can’t help but feel Aladin was definitely using me to come to North America."

Laura Jallali and Raul wtf

So ... real talk, what is Tony's angle in all of this?

First of all, we need to talk about who Laura is as a person, because we all remember her claiming to be pregnant at 51 last year.

She is believed to have lied about many, many things, including Aladin and their relationship.

You know who Laura reminds me of, a little? Octavia Spencer's character in Ma. All fun and games ... until she's not.

Laura Jallali and Raul

So you know how Evelin invited Laure to live with her last year when Laura had no place else to go?

It's said that Laura turned on her and on Corey, harassing them and even taking some of their friends for herself.

Also, whether or not Aladin was just using her for citizenship, he was not aiming to come to the US.

Why? Because Laura is not a US citizen and never has been. He only could have used her to go to Canada.

As for Tony, we cannot confirm anything about him with certainty.

However, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates reports that Tony agreed to play Laura's boyfriend in this farce for one reason.

Tony is allegedly in this for clout only, while Laura wants to further her cougar reputation and possibly make Aladin jealous.

We should note that Aladin Jallali has visibly "liked" Yates' post.

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