Laura Jallali Lies EXPOSED: Not Pregnant! Served With Divorce Papers!

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It is more than understandable that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans don't know what to believe about Laura Jallali.

She claims that Aladin got her pregnant at 51. She has also accused him of cheating on her all summer. Much of her story doesn't add up.

There's a reason for that, folks: she's telling weird lies to anyone who will listen to cover for the fact that Aladin served her with divorce papers.

Laura on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Oh, Laura. We are a little confused and a lot disappointed.

Let's start with her many claims.

Laura has told fans that she is pregnant at 51 years old, insisting that she is "nowhere near menopause" despite being at the median age for it.

(Statistically, your odds of getting pregnant past 50 are about 1%)

She even announced a due date next year -- which is a load of horseradish. 

Laura and Aladin at the Beach

Laura has additionally said that it was an ectopic pregnancy, claiming that Aladin was "joking" when he said that there is no baby.

She noted on Instagram that "the nice thing" about pregnancy is that eventually there's a baby as evidence that it took place.

Her implication was that those doubting her would rue the day.

Earlier this summer, she accused Aladin of having disrespected her by chasing after other women.

But she has since insisted that they are happily together -- saying that Aladin deleted her photos from his page to silence her harshest critics.

Laura Wins at Bingo

Laura has made separate claims to have been in Canada for bloodwork and to be in Ecuador, hanging out with Evelin.

(Evelin has not indicated that this is true)

Now, an Instagram page known as Frauded by TLC has reported a version of events that looks much more realistic.

One, that Laura had previously gone through menopause.

Two, that Aladin had served her with divorce papers, written in Arabic, last week.

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates has reported more or less the same, also ciitng her competing claims in various people's DMs.

Laura Video Chats With Aladin

Now, in private messages that have not been confirmed, Laura has lamented that Aladin is not allowing her to retrieve her belongings.

She claims that he's holding on to her possessions, including gifts from her late brother that she cannot replace.

Laura complained that she tried to get help from the show's production company and from TLC to settle this, to no avail.

She has separately claimed that Aladin won't let her take her dog, or has allowed her to take her dog with her.

It's unclear if these are contradictory or simply made at different times.

Laura Ogles Aladin and His Six Pack.

Unfortunately, things may be a little more serious than a reality star lying to fans (which happens all of the time).

A report that does not come from Laura, but from Frauded by TLC, claims that there has been abuse within their marriage.

Specifically, that Aladin may have been "emotionally and possibly physically abusive" towards Laura. That is awful.

It is suggested that some of this may come up during the Tell All special.

When Liam told her "you always end up in bad relationships with bad men," it looks like he wasn't kidding.

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

The very serious (third party) reports of alleged abuse are horrifying. And Laura does seem to be locked out of her home.

(A leaker says that Aladin served her with the divorce papers while she was at the Tell All, no less)

But the question is why Laura has felt the need to tell all of these lies.

One popular theory is that she is trying to keep fans guessing about what is and is not true, at least until the Tell All airs.

But it's also possible that she's ashamed of how things ended up and she feels foolish and she finds it easier to spin wild lies than to tell the truth.

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