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Before 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way premiered, Laura and Aladin had a lot of people’s votes. My, how things have changed.

Now, fans know a lot more about Laura. Also, she and Aladin are getting a divorce.

But Laura blames the show itself for ruining her marriage, and it looks like she has already moved on with a very familiar face.

Laura on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Laura made a post this week to mark the end of Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

"It’s been great to … well, let’s be honest … I lost my marriage due to this show," Laura begins on Instagram.

"However, what I have lost in a husband," she notes. "I have gained in so many amazing, wonderful friends."

Laura expresses how pleased she has been to "able to work with a really fantastic cast."

"So," she expresses. "I lost something, but I have gained a lot and I so much appreciate your support."

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"I thought your marriage ended because your funds ended," one fan wrote in the comments, challenging her words.

Notably, she said that Aladin only seemed to have a problem with their marriage after her money ran out.

Aladin initially denied this, but later admitted that yes, it was an issue when she stopped paying their rent, as he’d spent so much on the wedding.

"Hun when the $ ran out due to the show … so did my husband," Laura replied to the comment.

It’s not clear how the show caused her to run out of money, unless her pension only ran out because her overseas marriage was so well publicized.

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Laura then explains why Aladin was really so unhappy when she ran out of cash.

"I told him I can no longer bring him to Canada so he was out!" Laura revealed.

Visa and immigration processes are expensive, and the sponsor needs to prove that they can support their new spouse.

"He has lots of women now willing to sponsor him," she observed. "So good luck and god bless."

These would be the countless thirsty women who have been barking up Aladin’s tree since that first trailer for the season aired.

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Some commenters were not impressed by Laura’s message at all.

"Gained what??" one follower demanded. "Embarrassed your son he told you so and he is right on."

Laura didn’t exactly challenge that characterization.

"Yes, he was," Laura admitted.

Liam has seen his mother’s patterns of impulsive behavior and he’s lived his whole life int he shadow of her romantic choices.

Of course he was right.

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Other fans are just sad that things didn’t work out for Laura, Aladin, and their jiggy jiggy ever after.

"We (my sister and I) thought for sure you two were the real deal," one fan wrote. "Sucks it didn’t turn out."

"Me too … sometimes you just don’t know," Laura wrote back.

She now realizes that she "should [have listened] to Liam."

And now, it seems, she can no longer (legally) return to the US, because she is a Canadian citizen who gave up everything.

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In fact, speaking of Laura and geographic locations, do you know where she is right now?

She’s been in Ecuador for weeks, chilling with Evelin.

Remember Evelin’s friend, Raul, who has been pining after her for years and seemed to try to break up her and Corey?

Well, it appears that Laura and Raul are now an item. At the very least, it’s clear that Laura wants fans to believe that they are an item.

Maybe they’re trying to make Aladin and Evelin jealous. Maybe they’re trolling fans. Maybe Raul wants to go to Canada and can provide the cash.

Or maybe Laura is a seductive cougar like no other who could get rich and famous writing about how she lands these handsome dudes.