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More like 9021-oh, no, it’s all over for Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox!

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox in 2014

Very witty puns and segues aside, the aforementioned actor has now come out and confirmed an ongoing rumor:

He and his lovely wife are going their separate ways.

Green confirmed the demise of his decade-long marriage on Monday’s episode of his podcast, during which the star addressed photos of the Transformers actress out with Machine Gun Kelly that surfaced last week.

Green explained he started to feel distant from Fox since in late 2019 when she left the country to film Midnight in the Switchgrass with the rapper.

Megan Fox and BAG Photo

After Fox returned home, "things hadn’t really changed," Green said, elaborating as follows:

"She said, ‘I realized when I was out of the country working alone that I feel more like myself and I liked myself better during that experience and I think that might be something worth trying for me.’

"I was shocked and I was upset about it, but I can’t be upset at her because she didn’t ask to feel that way. It wasn’t a choice she made, that’s the way she honestly felt.

"We talked about it a little more and said let’s separate for a bit… and so we did."

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Ferrari Celebrates 60 Years Event
(Jonathan Leibson)

Green and Fox also separated in the summer of 2015…

… but the separation clearly didn’t take because they announced Fox was pregnant the following April and the couple then welcomed their third child in August 2016.

Green said on his podcast that he and Fox still plan to "do vacations and holidays as a family," adding:

“I will always love her. And I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family what we have built is really cool and really special."

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E! News, meanwhile, confirms that Fox and Machine Gun Kelly  are "hooking up."

It’s unclear when this romance started, but Green didn’t sound especially bitter on his podcast. He didn’t accuse his wife of infidelity.

But he did get choked up at one point and said of Fox:

“It sucks when life changes and something that you’re used to, that you’ve been doing for 15 years, you try and not get rid of but you change. There’s the unknown aspect … there’s that pit in my stomach …

"I really don’t want Megan and I to be at odds … she’s been my best friend for 15 years and I don’t want to lose that.”

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Pretty sweet sentiment there, huh?

The stars share sons Journey River, 3, Bodhi Ransom, 6, and Noah Shannon, 7.

They’ve been incredibly protective of their kids’ privacy over the years, too.

As for Machine Gun Kelly? Green talked openly about Fox’s new loverr.

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"I’ve never met him, but Megan and I talked about him and they’re friends at this point," Green said on air.

"And from what she’s expressed, he’s a really just nice, genuine guy. I trust her judgment. She’s always had really good judgment.

"I don’t want people to think that [they] are villains or I was a victim in any way with any of this — because I wasn’t.

"This isn’t something new for us. This is something new for people to experience and hear about in the press … but it’s not new for us."

For the record, no divorce papers have been filed yet.

And Green even said the following toward the end of his podcast:

"Who knows if this is the end of the journey.

"I mean, we have a lot of life left. So the paths have started gone in separate ways for now. They could come back together. They may not. We don’t know. I don’t know.

"I don’t want to make any predictions with that because I have no idea."