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According to visual evidence, Kody Brown has a lot of hair.

According to recent reports, however, Kody Brown has more of something else:

Financial problems.

Meri Brown at the Inn

Back on March 20, Kody and Robyn Brown applied for a home equity line of credit in the amount of $150,000, emphasizing in the process that "time" was "of the essence."

In other words: The couple is hard up for cash these days.

Throughout Season 14 of Sister Wives, meanwhile, it was made clear that Kody was struggling to pay all his mortgages in Arizona, while also having the large piece of property in Coyote Pass hanging over his head.

Then, the coronavirus hit.

Sister Wives, United
Photo via TLC

The pandemic has made it hard for Kody to make money, while further delaying construction on his dream mansion, meaning he won’t be able to move his family in there any time soon…

… which means he and his spouses will continue to have all these rented residences to deal with for the foreseeable future.

This brings us to Meri Brown and a question that Sister Wives fans are suddenly asking:

Might she be bankrolling ALL the Browns?

Meri Brown Dazzles in Blue
Photo via Instagram

As previously detailed, Meri is the one member of the family doing well at the moment.

You might be shocked at Meri’s net worth.

Working as a LuLaRoe clothing retailer, Meri makes well into the six figures, often starring in Facebook presentations that go out to over 100,000 followers.

She also also runs Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast in Utah that charges about $150 per room.

Meri Brown with a Smirk
Photo via Instagram

Long ago, Meri had asked her fellow spouses to chip in and invest in the business.

They all refused, which has now turned into a rather huge net positive for Meri because she can keep ALL the profits from her bed and breakfast.

Unfortunately, this past Saturday, Meri acknowledged on social media that she had to close down the operation due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“At this time as things seem to be loosening up a bit, I’ve been putting some deep thought into how to move forward with the B&B," she wrote.

"In the interest and safety of my staff, in particular my sweet mom who so graciously and lovingly welcomes all our guests on a daily basis, as well as the local southern Utah community, we will not be accepting any bookings until further notice.

"We are also not conducting ANY tours at this time."

She ended the post as follows:

“I can’t, in good conscience, continue to keep the inn open at this time.

"As a small, family-run inn, I appreciate all your continued kindness and support. Thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times.

"The inn and staff miss the guests that keep our home so lively and we look forward to when we can all commune safely together again."

Kody Brown with Wives
Photo via tLC

Despite this temporary shuttering, Meri has been the only Sister Wives star consistently bringing in money.

Janelle works in real estate, an industry that almost can’t function amid a national pandemic.

Robyn’s business, My Sister Wife’s Closet, has seemingly shut down for good.

And Christine doesn’t have a job.

Sister Wives: A Poster
Photo via TLC

If Meri really is the family’s main source of income, this would also explain why Kody had her sign a bunch of papers several days ago.

It would also mean that Meri has quite a bit of leverage of her husband at the moment, which she will hopefully use to her advantage by making Kody beg, plead and maybe suffer in some sort of emotional sense.

It would only be fair.

This is what Kody has been doing to Meri for years.