Kristen Doute: Vanderpump Rules Would Be Canceled If It Weren't For Scheana Marie!

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Well, another season of Vanderpump Rules has come to a close.

That might come as a surprise to you, even if you watched every episode, because that last episode did not feel like a season finale.

VPR S8 3

Basically, nothing of consequence happened, which was the problem with Vanderpump all season.

Sure, we had Jax and Brittany's wedding, but did anyone really need an entire season devoted to the union between a 'roid-raged man baby and a fame-hungry homophobe as they looked ahead to the launch of their beer cheese empire?

Even Jax's drug-fueled meltdown after the wedding didn't make for compelling television, as producers tried to pretend it wasn't happening.

Instead, they continued selling the "Jax is a changed man" narrative, because apparently, they're afraid to step on their stars' toes.

VPR S8 10

But clearly they have no such fears when it comes to Scheana Marie.

Even though she's been on the show just as long as Jax, and she's pretty much the main reason Vanderpump exists, Scheana was dragged through the mud all season in an effort to give viewers someone to hate.

One producer even gave an interview in which she laughed about editing a scene to make Scheana look like a pedophile.

Sounds like a very normal and healthy work environment!

Scheana M.

Thankfully, someone is finally giving Scheana the respect she deserves.

“I just have so much respect for Scheana,” fellow outcast Kristen Doute said in a recent podcast interview.

“I think she’s taken such a beating on this show," Doute added.

“I feel like Scheana really carried this show on her f-cking back this season."

Scheana and Kristen

Kristen pointed out that without their connection to Scheana, newcomers Max, Dayna, Brett, Danica, and probably some other generic white people we're forgetting about would have had no reason to be on the show.

“She was the only olive branch between the OG’s and the new cast members," Doute said.

She went on to point out that she show has always delighted in Scheana's struggles, but she's put on a brave face through all of it.

“And she’s been through a lot in her love life with her marriage and her divorce. And we have like Rob [Valletta] from whatever season,” Kristen said.

Scheana Marie in Shades

“[Scheana] just got really dragged through the mud and she’s just really standing on her own two feet, stronger than ever," Doute added.

"I respect and love the hell out of her and she loves me for who I am.”

Yes, it was Kristen, James, and Scheana who emerged as the heroes of this season.

If that doesn't tell you how badly the rest of the cast effed up, we don't know what will!

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