Jax Taylor Gets Paid More Than the Rest of the Vanderpump Cast Because In 2018, Cruelty and Idiocy Are Virtues

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If you're a fan of the long-running Bravo series Vanderpump Rules, then there are certain facts that you've come to accept about the life among West Hollywood's drunkest band of extremely caucasian sociopaths:

For example, despite claims to the contrary, it is all about the pasta.

But the most salient and inarguable truth about Lisa Vanderpump's ragged band of aging hedonists is that Jax Taylor is the most repugnant villain this side of The Situation circa 2010.

Jax cheats on his fiancee, lies like it's his job (which we guess it sort of is), heaps abuse on his friends and former co-workers, then throws himself pity parties on the rare occasion that someone actually calls him out for being horrible.

Of course, this is the kind of stuff that makes the world of reality television go 'round, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that Jax gets paid more than his co-stars.

Take a look:

1. Stacks For Jax

Obviously, at this point, it's hilarious that the cast occasionally pretends to be reliant on the meager paychecks that they receive from serving and bartending at Lisa Vanderpump's Sexy Unique Restaurant. (That name will never not be hilarious.)

2. The Grand Charade

The Grand Charade
The show's not even fully committed to that bit, as cast members get fired by Lisa and don't even pretend to seek out new employment.

3. Slow Climb

These days, the entire cast is sitting pretty from a financial standpoint, but it took them quite a few years to get to where they are.

4. Started From the Bottom

In the early days, the cast wasn't pretending to be poor.

5. That's Like a Month's Rent in LA

That's Like a Month's Rent in LA
A lawsuit that Tom Sandoval filed against his former talent agency revealed that the bartender made just $12,000 from the show's first season.

6. Getting Somewhere ...

The same suit revealed that Sandoval brought home $25,600 for Vanderpump Season 2. A major raise, but still not that much cash.

7. Now We're Talking ...

Now We're Talking ...
In Season 3, however, things began to change. Sandoval (and presumably the rest of the cast) began to take home "upwards of $15,000 an episode."

8. You Do the Math

You Do the Math
The show filmed 21 episodes that season, so suffice it to say, Tom and company enjoyed a considerable raise.

9. Growing Stagnant

Growing Stagnant
But that's about where the raises stopped for Sandoval and company.

10. Doing Fine

Doing Fine
Granted, he and Tom Schwartz have other revenue streams, including the bar they recently opened with Lisa, but Bravo is reportedly paying them about the same as it did back in 2014.

11. Left Behind

Left Behind
In fact, certain main cast members never even reached the Toms' salaries. Sources say that Scheana Shay, for example, makes just $10,000 per episode.

12. All Relative

All Relative
To be clear, the entire VPR cast is doing just fine, particularly as the show cranks out upwards of 20 episodes a season, a massive order for any reality show.

13. King Jax

King Jax
But no one (except Lisa, of course) is raking it in quite like Mr. Jax Taylor.

14. The Big Bucks

The Big Bucks
According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jax is currently being paid $25,000 an episode.

15. Not Too Shabby

Not Too Shabby
Since the show is set to air 24 episodes this season, that $70,000 engagement ring Jax just bought for Brittany suddenly makes a lot more sense.

16. The Harsh Truth

The Harsh Truth
If 2018, has taught us anything, it's that evil pays, and ALMOST no one embodies that fact quite as much as Jax Taylor.

17. Really, Though ...

Really, Though ...
That may sound harsh, but the litany of Jax's most egregious misdeeds is jaw-dropping to behold. For now, let's just stick with the recent ones, shall we?

18. Bad Faith

Bad Faith
Just last year, Jax cheated on Brittany with Faith Stowers, who was caring for a dying old woman who was sleeping just a few feet away from where they banged.

19. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
Faith is a bit of a conniver, so she recorded a post-coital conversation with Jax, in which he stated that he'll never marry Brittany and is, in fact, not even attracted go her.

20. Let the Gaslighting Begin

Let the Gaslighting Begin
When he got caught, Jax flipped out on Brittany for having the gall to accuse him of such a thing. Of course, he later confessed that he totally cheated.

21. King of Lies

King of Lies
But by now, Brittany is accustomed to Jax lying non-stop.

22. Ladies, Find You a Man Who Never Tells the Truth

Ladies, Find You a Man Who Never Tells the Truth
His lies range from the nefarious (Back in 2016, he told Brittany's family that he was planning to propose and already had a ring made.) to the benign, but still absurd. (Last season, he claimed to have been hired as the social media manager for an NHL hockey team.)

23. This Effing Guy ...

This Effing Guy ...
On the Vanderpump Season 7 premiere, Jax revealed that he decided to propose to Brittany because she was there for him after his father died, which is like the worst reason for proposing we've ever heard,

24. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
But hey, at least Jax's raise might mean that we won't have to be bored to tears by any more of his lame-ass side projects, like his fitness app, or his sweater line. And besides, it could be worse ...

25. It Could Be James Kennedy

It Could Be James Kennedy
We can't even joke about how awful this dude is. Andy Cohen needs to step in and fire his abusive ass ASAP.

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