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The relationship between Kody Brown and Meri Brown is many things these days:

Sad. Awkward. Dead, over and totally kaput, according to Meri herself.

But now a new video has surfaced that has caused fans to add a new descriptor to this spiritual marriage, and that descriptor is this: Confusing.

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Allow us to set the stage here, okay?

Kody’s first wife, as loyal Sister Wives fans likely know, is a dedicated salesperson with the multi-level marketing company, LuLaRoe, a company that specializes in women’s attire.

On her LuLaRoe Facebook group, which boasts almost 100,000 members, Meri often hosts live sales events for the company’s clothing.

She’s been even more active these days while in quarantine.

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Okay, so…

The veteran Sister Wives star recently hosted an online LuLaRoe sale on Facebook, which in and of itself would not be noteworthy, for the reasons outlined above.

In this recent case, though, according to YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, Kody actually barged into the room to interrupt the event Meri was hosting.

Random, right?!?

Meri Brown on the Gram

This was especially odd considering Meri has seemingly been on her own since Covid-19 broke out, even admitting over the weekend that she’s a tad sad and lonely as a result.

Is she really, though?

Or is she actually in a lot of touch with Kody after all?

Appearing stressed out, the father of 18 asked his wife to sign a stack of documents.

“Right now?” she asked.

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Yes, Kody replied, saying he needed her signature immediately so he could go take care of the matter before offices closed.

The Sister Wives patriarch mentioned a “title,” but didn’t specify exactly what the documents were. (A "title," though, would imply something real estated-related, which does jibe with ongoing events for the family.)

In the video, Meri joked that she had no idea what she was signing, although she didn’t seem all that taken aback by Kody’s intrusion.

This would imply that she is actually in regular contact with her estranged husband.

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As Meri signed the documents and made photocopies, Kody and his first wife also chatted about his well-being during quarantine.

They seemed to be on very normal and cordial terms, which causes us to wonder:

Could all their dysfunction be a lie? Could the supposed tension between the couple be a load of BS, meant to simply goose ratings and draw attention to Sister Wives?

We have to now consider this possibility, right?

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At another point in this unexpected footage, the Sister Wives couple even discussed the possibility of taking CBD for stress.

Meri said her daughter, Mariah Brown, and Mariah’s fiancée, Audrey Kriss, had suggested it to her.

Kody seemed open to the idea, referring to it as an “herbal supplement."

The whole thing was just very, very strange.

Must we really now wonder whether Kody was straight up lying about his marital regret and question whether these two are on perfectly good terms?