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Meri Brown always tries to put on a brave face.

Anyone who follows this Sister Wives star on social media knows what we mean.

Meri Brown in 2020

By this point, it’s very clear that Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage is all but over, as each side as declared it dead at different junctures over the past few months.

And yet:

Meri often shares photos on Instagram of herself going for a hike… or spending time with her dog… or simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Has she posted the occasionl cryptic or mysterious quote that makes it appear as if she’s truly miserably deep down inside? Yes.

Meri Photo

But these are almost always followed by some sort of attempt at an uplifting message, as Meri continues to do the best she can in a very crappy romantic situation.

Still, even Meri Brown has her limits.

And she may have hit one over this past weekend.

Allow us to explain down below, okay?

On Sunday night, Meri told followers that she had just visited her daughter, Mariah, doing so without Mariah’s famous father along for the trip.

“This has been a busy and fun and amazing and now sort of sad weekend," Meri wrrote on Facebook, adding:

"I took my mom home, I guess it’s fair that she go quarantine with some of my sisters too, not just me lol! Also, Mariah seemed to want her puppy back."

Darn. That sucks. This means Meri is will now be without her adorable four-legged companion for the rest of her Covid-19-required quarantine.

Meri Brown and Puppy

This also may explain the next part of Meri’s Facebook poost.

She remarked that her house felt “quiet and lonely” after returning home, quickly adding in an attempt to be upbeat:

"But, you know me, just right back at it!

"I’ve already got a few batches of rice crispy treats made for you, and I’m pulling your orders, getting them ready to ship tomorrow and Tuesday."

Kody and Meri sadly ignored their 30th wedding anniversary on social media in April, following a brutal marriage counseling session that was featured on Sister Wives Season 14.

“Meri mourns the loss of what we had… I regret what we had,” Kody said during the episode, flat-out admitting he wished he never married his first wife.

Kody added that he was “deceived into a relationship,” and “didn’t know” who he was marrying. Ouch, right?!?

“The relationship he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over," Meri told a therapist on this same installment of the long-running series.

Meri Brown Enjoys the Outside

Meri and Kody scarcely spent any time together, even before they were forced apart by the novel Coronavirus.

The former knows the latter doesn’t appreciate her and has hinted at times that she may soon up and leave the selfish loser.

To date, however, she’s been unable to bring herself to do so.

We really hope she gets up the courage someday, though. Someday soon.