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Things between Meri and Kody Brown have been bad for a very, very, very long time.

If you’ve ever watched basically any episode of Sister Wives, you know that.

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They’ve said that their relationship hasn’t been great for years and years, but things obviously got much worse a few years ago when they got divorced.

Since Meri was Kody’s first wife, they were the only ones who were legally married — he had "spiritual marriages" with Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

But the family decided that since Robyn had three children from a previous marriage, the smart thing to do would be for Meri and Kody to get divorced so that he could legally marry Robyn, which would be necessary for him to adopt those kids.

It made sense, but it obviously hurt Meri very much.

Meri Brown in a Sister Wives Confessional

Around this same time, she began speaking with her catfish, and although she maintained it was just a friendship, lots of people (including her own daughter) thought that she’d developed romantic feelings for that person.

She even admitted that she’d considered leaving Kody during this time.

As we saw on the show, things were very strained with Meri and Kody for a long time after this, and they’re still not doing too well.

But as we see in this new sneak peek for the upcoming episode, things may be completely beyond repair.

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The clip begins with the two of them traveling to an appointment with their therapist, and in a confessional, we hear Meri say that "Our relationship has been pretty rocky."

"People ask me all the time why I don’t leave," she continued.

In his own confessional, Kody says "Meri and I had a very fast courtship. I didn’t know who I was marrying."

But then comes the big shocker.

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During their actual therapy session, Meri flat-out says "The relationship between he and I is gone, it’s dead, it’s over."

The therapist asks her if she’s serious — she seems a bit taken aback by the statement.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until the episode airs to hear Meri’s response, although she does sound pretty certain about it.

Back in the confessional, Kody says "I am just done with hearing how I am wrong."

Kody Can't Handle This

And that’s it — that’s the clip.

We have to remember that this is a reality show, and it’s also a sneak peek for a reality show, so sometimes footage is spliced up in a way that will hopefully entice people to tune in.

But still, there aren’t too many ways to read Meri gesturing to Kody and saying that their relationship is dead, you know?

Check out the full clip in the video below: