Amber Portwood Talks Machete-Wielding Assault on Andrew Glennon: I Guess I'm the Worst!

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It's been 10 months since Amber Portwood assaulted Andrew Glennon as he attempted to protect the then-couple's son.

The boy, James, was born to the couple only one year ago.

Yet Amber avoided jail time for the assault, and somehow, she even managed to hold on to her job on Teen Mom OG.

But that doesn't mean her life was completely unaffected.

The pride of Anderson, Ind., was sentenced to two and a half years of probation, as well as court-ordered parenting classes.

Most importantly, she lost primary custody of James, who now spends the majority of his time living with Glennon.

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber reflected on her recent actions and took stock of long history of violence.

It was one of the series' most emotional episodes to date, and not in a way we expected at all. Take a look:

1. The Formerly Happy Family

The Formerly Happy Family
When Amber Portwood assaulted Andrew Glennon July 4, 2019, Teen Mom OG fans assumed it would be the end of her freedom, or at the very least, her time on the show.

2. Abuser With a Platform

Abuser With a Platform
But these days, Amber is still employed by MTV, and she's still telling her side of the story.

3. Monstrous Behavior

Monstrous Behavior
The details from that night remain horrifying. Police reports indicate that Amber ran after Andrew with a machete and continued to attack him even as he ran for shelter with 1-year-old James in his arms.

4. Scot-Free

TMOG viewers were stunned by the news that Amber would not serve any jail time for her crimes. Even more shocking was the news that she would continue to be employed by MTV.

5. Defending Her Life

Defending Her Life
Amber is taking advantage of her continued TV stardom to try and rebuild her reputation and sway the public back to her side.

6. Turns Out She's Capable of Feeling Guilt!

Turns Out She's Capable of Feeling Guilt!
She still denies that she's guilty of all that Andrew accused her of, but on this week's episode of TMOG, she admitted to feeling remorse from some of her actions.

7. Another Victim

Another Victim
During the episode, Amber received a visit from baby daddy Gary Shirley -- whom she has also assaulted -- and she forced him to listen to her complain about her inability to control her violent temper.

8. Nauseating Stuff

Yes, begging your victims for sympathy is a classic abuser move, but MTV presented the moment without irony or commentary.

9. Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied
“All I know is my lawyers are saying don’t say anything. My tongue is completely tied,” Portwood complained to her ex.

10. The Real Victim

The Real Victim
"When you’re shut up how’re you supposed to say anything?” she asked a rightfully confused Shirley.

11. Contradicting Herself

Contradicting Herself
Amber maintains that she's not guilty of anything resembling criminal assault, but she says she was overcome with guilt when she heard audio recordings in which she can be heard behaving abusively toward Glennon.

12. Amber Wants Your Sympathy

Amber Wants Your Sympathy
“I just have a lot of guilt of not being aware of myself more than I should have," she complained.

13. Hope and Change

Hope and Change
"And I really do feel ashamed that I didn’t have that because I should after all the things I’ve done to change," she added.

14. The Waterworks

The Waterworks
From there, Amber began crying as she recalled the first time she listened to those incriminating audio recordings.

15. Yes, A Lack of Awareness ... THAT Was the Problem!

Yes, A Lack of Awareness ... THAT Was the Problem!
“I just have a lot of guilt of not being aware of myself more than I should have," she said through her tears.

16. The Change That Never Happened

The Change That Never Happened
"And I really do feel ashamed that I didn’t have that because I should after all the things I’ve done to change,” she continued.

17. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Yes, Amber continues to try and sell the narrative that she's a changed woman. The only problem, of course, is that she continues to engage in all the destructive behavior that landed her behind bars the first time.

18. We Get It

We Get It
“I want my family. And I feel so bad. When I heard those audios, I felt ashamed, I felt disgusted," she concluded.

19. The Victim

The Victim
One person who's likely unconvinced by Amber's charade is her latest victim, Andrew Glennon, who made his return to TMOG Tuesday night.

20. The Reason

The Reason
“I was never given any kind of outlet to share the other side of the story,” Glennon said, explaining the reason behind his decision to go back on camera.

21. Admirable Stance

Admirable Stance
Andrew showed a surprising amount of empathy for his abusive ex, acknowledging that many of her actions are the result of mental illness.

22. Mending Fences

Mending Fences
“I think in this whole process, all I wanted was ownership, honesty — mental illness is real," he said.

23. Admitting Fault

Admitting Fault
“We all make mistakes — I’ve made mistakes,” Glennon continued.

24. Doing What He Had to Do

Doing What He Had to Do
Glennon went on to say that he “never wanted a broken family” and regrets that he was forced to part ways with Portwood.

25. The Only Option

The Only Option
Of course, no one wants a broken family, and Andrew had no choice but to leave in the wake of Amber's abuse. Hopefully, with treatment, she'll one day get to a place where she can be the kind of mother her son deserves.

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