The Duchess Diaries: Meghan Markle's Private Journals May Be Huge Problem For Monarchy

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As previously explained, Meghan Markle is getting desperate.

She's holed up in Los Angeles at the moment and new critics are making headlines for dragging her in public and the former actress is yearning to fight back.

Fortunately for Markle stans, she has a couple upcoming ways in which she plans on doing so.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Red

There's the impending tell-all "Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family," which will be released in August and which will reportedly feature some first-hand quotes by Markle and Prince Harry.

Sources claim that Markle is pushing for this release date to be pushed up because the book will paint her in a positive light...

... while causing damage to the reputations of various Royal Family members and staffers.

According to a new The Daily Mail report, though, there's another type of tell-all that may soon hit the Internet and/or bookshelves across the globe.

Meghan Markle on Commonwealth Day

An anonymous friend of the Duchess has told this publication that Markle kept a diary during her time in Great Britain.

If such a journal truly exists, we can't help but wonder what it says... how honest Markle was while writing in its pages... and if it will ever be available to the public.

"She is a good writer, with a nice turn of phrase," says Andrew Morton, an author who has written a lot about Princess Diana, adding:

"Remember she studied English in her first year at Northwestern College."

Meghan Gets Medical

Morton adds that a first-person account, based on Markle's diaries, would also offer the controversial figure a prize beyond price because "she would have total control."

Prior to dating Harry, Markle wrote a lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she shuttered for good shortly before her engagement.

She also wrote at one point for a website called The Working Actress.

This doesn't prove that Markle kept a diary, of course.. but it does illustrate that Meghan has always been a fan of the written word, meaning a daily journal would at least fit her profile.

Meghan Markle in Canada: A Photo

Ever since officially abandoning their Royal Duties in March, Markle and Harry have mostly kept to themselves.

This is partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related shelter-at-home orders, but also due to the couple needing a chance to decompress after so many years in the British spotlight.

Just a few days ago, however, Markle acknowledged her son's first birthday with a very sweet video. 

Might this have been the first step in Meghan and Harry being more proactive in their post-Kensington Palace lives?

Thumbs Up, Guys

And might the release of Markle's very own personal diary follow?!?

Time will tell, folks.

And we'll be right here to pass the information along once we possess it.

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