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Even after Amber Portwood made Andrew Glennon’s life into a horror show, some people in her life continue to support her.

Her brother is going beyond even that — claiming that the assault to which she pleaded guilty was no big deal.

Shawn Portwood

Fans have suggested that Amber Portwood’s brother should make an apologetic overture towards 

"Honestly and I’m sure a lot of people will say I’m victim shaming again," Shawn writes on Twitter.

"But," he continues, "I would not publicly apologize to him for anything."

"Nothing more than throwing a flip flop at him," Shawn claims. "Because everybody doesn’t know the entire story they know his story."

Another Twitter denizen brought up Amber’s long history of having an explosive temper.

"I agree," Shawn acknowledges.

"But," he complains, "I am tired of being persecuted for trying to be a supportive brother to someone who really needs support right now."

"Especially when I have repeatedly said that I did not condone her negative actions," Shawn writes. "I love my sister so everyone can really just kiss my ass."

"Simple. Because she wasn’t completely innocent of everything," Shawn tells another Tweeter.

"She pled guilty to intimidation for throwing a flip flop at him," he says.

"Which she admitted to doing to the police officers when they came," Shawn admits.

"And," he asserts, "not while he was holding her son either."

Ultimately, this is not a surprising attitude for Shawn to have.

Amber is his family. Some people are willing to overlook almost anything in the name of blood ties.

Second of all, defending Amber is far from the worst thing on Shawn’s Twitter feed. 

We’re not even talking about which politicians he likes.

Amber Portwood on Air

The guy has a #BlueLivesMatter hashtag in his bio, which is one of the most overt forms of malice-signaling out there.

Despite what we’re meant to pretend is a pro-law-enforcement stance, Amber isn’t the only disgraced criminal whom Shawn defends.

He also holds Michael Flynn in high esteem and is boosting the lie that he was "framed" for his crimes. 

The guy’s a douchenozzle.

Amber Portwood Mugshot (2019)

In real life, throwing a shoe at someone is assault. Assaulting a member of your household is domestic violence.

That Shawn seeks to minimize reports of his sister’s wrongdoings is no surprise, given his attitude.

He has also sought to imply that there was at no point any machete involved in his sister’s explosive, violent tantrum.

Shawn also clapped back at anyone questioning Amber’s parenting skills. The guy’s not going to budge.

Glennon, Andrew

In early July of 2019, Amber and Andrew made plans for the Fourth of July.

A bridge closure prevented them from seeing those plans through. According to Andrew, this is what set off Amber.

She raged at him, struck him with a shoe, and seemed to have transformed into a vicious, hateful person.

He is still working to process the trauma from that event. He has never looked at Amber the same way since.

Gare Bear

Amber’s OG baby daddy, Gary Shirley, has stated that he is remaining supportive of Amber.

Unlike Shawn, who has been bending over backwards on Amber’s behalf, Gary took a different approach.

The way that he sees it, Amber being free and happy is what’s best for Leah and even for baby James.

He doesn’t want to make an already complicated family more difficult to bring together by condemning Amber for her crimes.