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On July 4, Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking her then-fiance, Andrew Glennon, with a machete.

Amber has accepted a plea deal in order to avoid jail time, but she still denies that there was any sort of weapon involved in the attack.

Now, however, YouTuber Katie Joy claims to have uncovered evidence that contradicts Portwood’s claim.

Throughout the ordeal, Joy has presented evidence of Amber’s abuse that swayed the opinions of many fans – though it’s worth noting that some of her claims have been called into question, and she has admitted that some of her content later proved to be inaccurate.

With that knowledge, we’ll leave it to you to determine what’s going on here and just how egregious Amber’s attack was.

Take a look:

[Update: We’ve included new footage of Amber’s alleged attack against Andrew. Trauma and abuse survivors should be warned it may have a triggering effect.]