Amber Portwood: Chilling Audio, Video of Machete Attack Revealed [UPDATED]

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On July 4, Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking her then-fiance, Andrew Glennon, with a machete.

Amber has accepted a plea deal in order to avoid jail time, but she still denies that there was any sort of weapon involved in the attack.

Now, however, YouTuber Katie Joy claims to have uncovered evidence that contradicts Portwood's claim.

Throughout the ordeal, Joy has presented evidence of Amber's abuse that swayed the opinions of many fans - though it's worth noting that some of her claims have been called into question, and she has admitted that some of her content later proved to be inaccurate.

With that knowledge, we'll leave it to you to determine what's going on here and just how egregious Amber's attack was.

Take a look:

[Update: We've included new footage of Amber's alleged attack against Andrew. Trauma and abuse survivors should be warned it may have a triggering effect.]

1. Better Days

Better Days
Amber and Andrew's romance was a whirlwind affair. She was engaged to someone else when they met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp. Two years later she had welcomed a child with Glennon, and the couple was planning a wedding.

2. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Unfortunately, it wasn't long before Amber was repeating the behaviors that had doomed her previous relationships.

3. Another Mugshot

Another Mugshot
Amber and Andrew separated on July 4 after she was arrested for allegedly attacking him in the couple's home.

4. Andrew's Version

Andrew's Version
Glennon told police that Amber flew into a rage because the family had arrived late for a local fireworks display earlier in the evening. He claims she attacked him while he was holding their son, James.

5. Providing Protection

Providing Protection
Andrew says he locked himself in a bedroom with James, and Amber attempted to break the door down.

6. A Desperate Act

A Desperate Act
He also says she swallowed a large number of Klonopin tablets after stating that she planned to take her own life. She regurgitated the pills when he dialed 911.

7. Amber's Story

Amber's Story
Amber has denied several key aspects of Andrew's story, including the part about the machete.

8. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
In the months that followed her arrest, Amber was mostly silent on social media. Now that she's entered her plea, however, she's offering her account of the incident.

9. Caught In the Act

Caught In the Act
Speaking with Dr. Drew, Amber called the machete allegation "insane." However, the evidence presented by Katie Joy seems to contradict that claim.

10. Gathering Evidence

Gathering Evidence
As longtime followers of this story are aware, Andrew set up several security cameras in and around the home. He was also in the habit of recording his conversations with Amber.

11. An Effective Strategy

The tactic resulted in Amber's abuse being recorded or caught on camera on several occasions.

12. Death Threats

Portwood was aware of the security cameras, and so most of the evidence is strictly audio, but it's still pretty damning stuff.

13. A Vicious Attack

The latest evidence uncovered by Katie Joy is a combination of audio and video footage allegedly taken on the day of the attack.

14. A Horrific Scene

Now, TMZ has republished a portion of the video with Joy's permission. You can watch it here -- but be warned, it may have a triggering effect on abuse and trauma survivors.

15. Amber at the Door

Amber at the Door
Like a scene from a horror movie, Amber can be heard hacking away after Andrew barricades himself in a bedroom for protection.

16. Because of Fireworks? Really?!

According to TMZ, early reports that the fighting was prompted by a fireworks display are accurate. Amber and Andrew set out with baby James, only to find out a main road was closed.

17. Rapid Escalation

Rapid Escalation
The family makes two unsuccessful attempts to get to the park where the fireworks display is taking place, and when they return home a second time, things really get out of hand.

18. Going Off

Going Off
When Andrew accuses Amber of being unprepared for the occasion, she tells him to "shut the f--k up." From there, things quickly turn violent.

19. Hacking Away

Hacking Away
At least three distinct whacks at the door can be heard in the tape. At one point, Amber seems to acknowledge that she is, indeed, brandishing a machete.

20. A Promising Start

A Promising Start
In the full version found on Joy's YouTube page, things start off innocently enough, with Amber and Andrew setting off fireworks outside their home on the Fourth of July.

21. Out of Control

Out of Control
However, it's not long before the situation escalates, and Joy's post features audio from the explosive argument that took place after the couple returned from their second attempt to catch the fireworks display.

22. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
"You're getting a f--king machete out?" a man, reportedly Andrew, is heard asking at one point.

23. Death Wish

Death Wish
"Let me die!" says a woman's voice later in the clip. It's at that point that Amber allegedly begins swallowing her Klonopin tablets.

24. Andrew Intervenes

Andrew Intervenes
"You need help! You're eating all your f--king medication?" Andrew says. It's then that he dials 911, prompting Amber to regurgitate the pills.

25. The "Proof"

The "Proof"
Joy's post features a still photo of the machete, but no actual video of Amber wielding it.

26. So Much Weaponry

So Much Weaponry
That may sound like dubious evidence, but it's worth noting that Joy previously uncovered a photo of a sword that was later revealed to be the one Amber keeps in her bedroom.

27. Reliable Sources

Reliable Sources
Previous audio and video clips posted by Joy prove that her Amber-Andrew source is reliable.

28. Lucking Out

Lucking Out
Unfortunately, this evidence emerged too late to have any impact on Amber's sentencing, although whether it affects her ability to retain employment in the future is another story entirely.

29. Avoiding Jail

Avoiding Jail
Portwood appears to be in the clear as far as returning to prison. Amber was given a suspended sentence with credit for time served, which means she'll avoid jail time.

30. A Slap On the Wrist

A Slap On the Wrist
She will, however, be forced to serve more than 900 days probation - about two and a half years - pay fines totaling over $1,000, and attend parenting classes.

31. A Mixed Bag

A Mixed Bag
Amber was able to block Andrew from leaving Indiana and returning to Los Angeles, at least for the time being and she's retained the right to visit James. She is barred from contacting Andrew, however, except through third parties.

32. The Long Road Ahead

The Long Road Ahead
Amber certainly got off easy, considering the severity and the scope of her alleged infractions, but it'll be interesting to see if she's able to avoid another slip-up during the 900 days of her probation!

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