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Last month, the world learned that Duane Chapman has a new girlfriend, less than a year after the passing of his late wife, Beth.

Now, the same daughters who accused his employee of taking advantage of him are cheering him on — and defending his new romance.

Francie Frane and Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman bonded with Francie Frane over the recent passing of their respective spouses.

Speaking over the phone about their grief and coping strategies eventually blossomed into something more.

The couple only came forward with their romance in March, after months of controversy regarding Duane’s employee, Moon Angell.

But the same family members who raised the alarm about Moon’s behavior towards him have only good things to say about Francie.

Lyssa Chapman Outdoors

Lyssa Chapman was so distressed over Moon seeming to literally replace Beth in Duane’s house that she made multiple tweets on the subject.

She even got arrested during a family dispute.

In contrast, Lyssa posed a photo of Duane with Francie to signal her approval.

"How cute are these two?!" Lyssa asks in her Instagram caption.

Lyssa’s endorsement paled beside Bonnie Chapman’s impassioned defense of Duane’s romance.

Clearly, Lyssa’s post received some backlash from disapproving fans, so she is clapping the eff back.

"Everyone who’s judging my father should sure pray that they never have to lose their loved one," Bonnie writes.

"And," she continues with a tone of fury, "get judged for trying to fill the void."

"Your opinion is invalid," Bonnie declares to date-shaming critics.

Bonnie tells these haters that this is not what Beth would have wanted.

She writes: "My mother would’ve wanted him to be happy."

"Now please shut up," Bonnie demands, "and let me my dad live in peace."

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell

The issues that both daughters — and others — had with Moon do not translate to Francie.

Moon, they perceived, had always seemed to want to be part of the family.

Despite having been a bridesmaid for Beth as well as a longtime employee, she had emptied Beth’s closet and replaced it with her own belongings.

Duane said that she had done this for him, but his family felt that she was — good intentions or not — crossing some important boundaries.

Duane Chapman and Beth C.

Now, Beth did tell Duane to not replace her before her passing.

After her lengthy battle with throat cancer and then her decision to forego further treatments, she had plenty of time to consider what she wanted from Duane.

But dating again is not the same thing as replacing someone, either in your life or in your heart.

You can love again without trying to make a new person fill the shoes of your late wife, surely.

Duane and Beth had an intense love, and Beth’s passing in June of 2019 left Duane in grief.

At one point, his deep emotional pain was actually negatively impacting his physical health.

It is wonderful that he has been able to move on emotionally, and it’s good that his kids are publicly supporting him in this.

Everybody grieves and moves on in their own way.