Zach Roloff: Jackson and Ember Are Like Siblings!

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This week's Little People, Big World was the end of an era for Jeremy and Zach Roloff, who watched their old treehouse get retired.

Seeing the twins side-by-side again was great for fans. Even better was hearing Zach talk about the family's future.

Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff

Can you believe that it's been almost two years since Jeremy and Audrey announced that they were leaving the show?

That made Jeremy's guest spot on this week's episode so much more meaningful.

Together, the brothers watched as Matt took down the old treehouse, where they had formed so many memories as children.

It was time, because the treehouse was no longer safe. Fortunately, the family can make new memories -- through their children.

Jackson Roloff and Ember Roloff Outside

"Jackson and Ember have had plenty, tons of time to hang out with each other," Zach tells Good Housekeeping.

His son, Jackson Kyle, was born in 2017 and will turn 3 next month. 

Jeremy's daughter, Ember Jean, was also born in 2017, and will turn 3 in September.

Like their parents, these two cute cousins have gotten to spend a tremendous amount of time with each other.

Amazing Roloff Throwback!

"With Jeremy and Audrey, [when] they had their [A Love Letter Life] book launch," Zach cites as an example.

He continues: "Or whenever they would go on the book tour, quite a few times."

Zach shares "we hosted Ember at our house for a couple nights at a time."

That can be an amazing time for bonding between cousins.

Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean Roloff on a Bench

"Jackson and Ember are really close," Zach affirms.

Close emotionally but also literally -- since the twins and their respective families are also neighbors.

Zach expresses hope that "as we come into summer, hopefully all the health issues go away in society as a whole."

He hopes for an end to the coronavirus pandemic "and we’re able to spend time with each other."

Ember Jean Roloff and Jackson Kyle Roloff

“We live in the same neighborhood as Jeremy and Audrey," Zach points out.

"So," he adds, "there will be tons of opportunities as the summer rolls on."

That is, of course, assuming that enough people keep up with lockdown guidelines and social distancing.

(Plus, experts are worried that only a vaccine will be able to end social distancing guidelines in a timely manner)

Roloff Women, Babies

Audrey and Tori both gave birth in 2017, which is why Jackson and Ember are only four months apart.

This was not the last time that the sisters-in-law seemed to sync up.

Lilah was born to Tori and Zach in November of 2019.

Just two months later, in early January, Auj gave birth to baby Bode.

Audrey Roloff, Isabel Rock, Tori Roloff, and Amy Roloff

No, they did not have some sort of pregnancy pact. It was simply another happy coincidence.

Hopefully, this means that Bode and Lilah will be able to form the same close bond that their older siblings share.

As neighbors and family, it is difficult to see how they would not. Especially since their dads are so close.

Right now, both babies are really still newborns, or close enough, and just bonding with their parents and older siblings.

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