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This season, Robyn Brown has become increasingly outspoken about Kody and their situation, in ways that have surprised some fans.

Now, she has taken to social media to publicly shame Kody for his self-centered obsessions.

Robyn on Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

"One subject! One subject! One subject Kody Brown!" Robyn Brown tweeted on Sunday, March 29.

"Christine [Brown] said it right!" her tweet declared.

"When Kody gets fixated on something," Robyn accused, "EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION GOES TO WHAT HE IS FIXATED ON."

You can see that tweet for yourself, here:

Kody Brown doesn’t seem to have been offended by Robyn’s frustrated tweet.

Why? Because he retweeted it himself.

Kody also tweeted: "OK @SWChristine2020 you called me exactly as I am."

"I obsessed about every ‘great’ idea," he admitted. "Perfectly explained."

Christine on Sister Wives
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Christine’s assessment really hit the nail on the head.

People who fixate on a single obsession can do so for a number of reasons, from a panicked drive to settle the matter to brain wiring.

In Kody’s case, some fans felt that he simply has too big of an ego to embrace other topics.

Normally, people might blame editing, but the guy’s own wives are saying that he really is like this — and so is he.

Robyn Brown, Unhappy
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The topic all season has been about housing — a complicated topic for a family featuring five spouses and 18 children.

"It was strange, but it was hard to say goodbye to our rental home,” Robyn tweeted about her erstwhile rental home.

“We weren’t there long," she acknowledged, "but it was a wonderful home."

She noted that it was in "a wonderful neighborhood and we made wonderful memories there."

Robyn Brown Looks Sullen
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"We had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Kody’s birthday, Mariah and Audrey announcing their engagement," Robyn listed.

In that tweet, she noted that each of these events took place "in our rental home."

"It was a wonderful place for our entire family to gather," Robyn afirmed.

There’s no shame in getting sentimentally attached to a home, folks.

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Some fans — most of them, really — have wondered if all of this debate over housing on their new land in Arizona was for nothing.

Just days ago, Utah decriminalized polygamy, a huge decision and a victory for fundamental human rights.

During the weeks leading up to it becoming official, Sister Wives viewers wondered if the Browns would move to Utah.

Kody has now given his answer.

Kody Brown Yammers
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"Utah lost us,” Kody admitted to fans..

“We miss all of you," he expressed. "We will continue to miss you."

Kody then wrote: "Now we have a new home in the Free State of Arizona."

That’s a little dramatic, but after all of the money and time that they have sunk into Flagstaff, they may feel that moving again would be too much.

Kody Brown with Wives
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Interestingly, this season, some fans have been turning on Robyn and on Meri.

They have even expressed support for Kody — whom so many fans are accustomed to viewing as a villain.

A lot of fans like the idea of Kody’s dream of a big comfy house for them all.

Others worry that the house would be impossible to sell and can sympathize with those who would like a little space.