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Oh, she went there this week, folks.

You better believe it:

To mark a very special occasion on Sister Wives Sunday night, Christine Brown absolutely went there.

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On the latest episode of this TLC favorite (which was available on the Internet only last week, in case you were confused over recaps from several days ago), Kody once again pushed for his dream scenario of building one gigantic home in Arizona.

And it was once again met with disdain from the Sister Wives.

The uncomfortable conversation seemed especially troubling for Christine Brown, who said on air that she did not want to see Kody go on a date with another wife.

She hated the idea of sharing one entrance and being exposed to exactly what Kody was doing on a daily basis.

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Interesting, right?

The women are obviously aware that Kody has these other relationships… and yet Robyn agreed that being faced with witnessing the ways in which he interacts with his fellow wives would sort of suck.

She said in response to the polygamous palace proposal that she did “not want the awkward moment of running into another wife.”

Robyn was against the idea because she felt living under one roof might lead to divorce, “plural marriage is already hard without all the extra rubbing," she actually noted.

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Then there was Janelle, who apparently slept on ths concept and came out in favor of it.

She said she "really wants this" because she believes it would strengthen the family bond, having previously admitted the Sister Wives are not close.

"There is a psychological thing of – we live in one home. We are a family. And our kids do feel like they’re siblings but our older kids have a different kind of bond than our little children do.” Janelle explained.

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The lone Kody supporter continued as follows:

“I feel sometimes like I’m the only person in the family that thinks what we had in Lehi, Utah, was awesome.

"The living under one house. It wasn’t Utopia, there are things that definitely we need to change. But the whole idea of living together, I think, was so brilliant. And beautiful.”

In the end, Kody asked the women to pray on it and try not to be close minded.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives in Season 14

Cut to Valentine’s Day, a rather awkward occasion for a family comprised of four romances, you know?

Kody aimed to make the holiday as family-friendly and as all-inclusive as possible so that none of the wives and/or their kids feel left out.

Therefore, everyone gathered at one house and Kody went out of his way to ensure that each woman was given equal attention, presenting them with elaborate bouquets and gift bags for the children.

And then it happened:

Robyn gave Kody a kiss in response to the flowers.

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She did it in front of the other wives, which is a majorr Brown Family No-No; it totally breaks the protocol of keeping one’s romance with Kody private from the other women.

In a couch confessional, though, Robyn felt no remorse, saying she ought to be able to simply thank her husband without concern for blowback or some silly rule.

(Editor’s Note: This decision will only excaerbate the belief that Kody plays favorites.)

Meri, for whatever it’s worth, seemed most offended by Robyn’s actions here.

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Elsewhere, Kody turned 51 years old and his better halves surprised him with shirts that read "Home is Where Your Wives Are."

How sweet, we guess?

Kody later admitted to the camera, though, that Flagstaff won’t really feel like home until the Las Vegas houses sell and he can relax about money.

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Finally, we close with some very happy news… that doesn’t center around Kody for once.

Mariah Brown is engaged!

She showed up in Arizona to tell everyone about girlfriend Audrey’s proposal and her acceptance and their plans to marry!

We send this couple our very best wishes for a bright future that doesn’t include plural marriage because it’s a horribly unfair and very sexist arrangement.