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You know what they say about Las Vegas, right?

What happens in that city stays in that city.

But here’s the problem with that adage and how it applied to Kody Brown and company on Sunday night’s brand new episode of Sister Wives:

On Sister Wives

The homes this family purchased in Las Vegas were staying there… in the Browns’ name, that is, unable to be sold.

Indeed, the latest installment of this beloved TLC reality show opened with Janelle making a return to the old Cul-de-sac in Sin City, equipped with her terrible open house signs and a new dose of desperation for her bi-monthly attempt to unload the two Brown family houses that remained on the market.

As you very likely know by now, she and her Sister Wives moved in 2018 to Flagstaff, Arizona with Kody.

But they had a very hard time selling there Nevada residences, meaning the family was carrying FIVE mortgages at one point and facing some serious financial repercussions as a result.

Kody didn’t feel great about Janelle taking on this task by herself, but she talked her selfish husband into it.

Kody then proceeded to act like his usual helpful self, reminding the wives that every month the houses go unsold, all of them are inching closer to financial ruin.

(Perhaps some could remind him that it was his idea to move to Arizona in the first place.)

As the episode moved along, Janelle tried as hard as she could to move the homes (via a rather pathetic fake floral arrangement placed on a kitchen island, for example); alas, she had no luck whatsoever.

Back in Flagstaff, it was the week before Christmas (in 2018!!!!) and Christine was trying to get into the holiday spirit by picking up some pillow cases she had embroidered to say “home is where your wives are.”

How sweet? We guess? And sort of creepy?

Christine also snagged up a puppy for Gwendolyn as a way to bribe welcome her into the new Arizona home, which she confessed not liking very much. At all.

However, the excitement of the adoorable dog quickly wore off when Truly reminded her mom that she’s scared of these animals and wanted a cat and would be unhappy in Arizona no matter what.

Well… okay then!

Cut to Christmas Eve morning and the kids all clearly wanting to be anywhere but Arizona.

And then cut to Kody presenting a slide show to them that contains a big surprise: Yup, his dream scenario for everyone to live under one roof!

Kody introduced this idea briefly last week, but went all in here… with photos and everything.

See for yourself:

Kody ignories complaints about this proposal and tells the women and children that his “one house” idea is really special to him and that his better halves should be willing to make “some sacrifices” to make his dream a reality.

(Editor’s Note: This guy sucks so very much.)

After Kody finishes the virtual tour of his dream home, he tells the group that he “needs a break from this sometimes” and that he may also want a cabin where he can get away from the tension of the big family (that he willingly helped create) from time to time.

(Editor’s Note: This guy sucks SO very much.)

Watch Sister Wives Season 14 Episode 4 Online
Watch Sister Wives Season 14 Episode 4 Online

At the conclusion of this presentation, everyone just stares in disbelief.

This is the same guy who, just days ago, was whining about being close to financial ruin because the family already own sso many houses — but now he’s saying he wants to buy/build TWO MORE.

Kody then spins this conversation into whether or not he and Robyn should have more kids, whom he can also avoid occasionally, we presume, in his cabin.