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Kody Brown has four Sister Wives, but also a rather clear philosophy:

Not all Sister Wives are created equal.

This is what long-time fans of the TLC franchise seem to believe at least.

Kody and All His Sister Wives
Photo via Instagram, Brittni Marie Photography/@brittnimariephotography

Over the past couple Sunday nights, viewers have watched as Kody has clashed a bit with all of his better halves, as each one is not on board with Brown’s proposal of a polygamous palace in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Yes, Kody wants all four Sister Wives and all their young children to live under one roof.

You can understand why Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn aren’t exactly psyched over this idea, right?

Astute fans, however, have noticed something different about the way Kody has dealt with the criticism over this dream scenario.

Scary Kody Brown
Photo via TLC

After Christine took issue with Kody’s plan on air, she was called out for it by her spiritual husband on Twitter.

Heck, he went as far as to basically trash Christine as the enemy, as you can see below:

And social media users very clearly took note of this treatment.

“I wouldn’t say that you were the protagonist. More like the bully. Christine was a woman who was trying to remind you that she has set up boundaries and would like you to respect them," wrote one person, while another added of Kody:

"I really think he needs to go back & watch every single episode so he can see how he treats the women differently.”

This especially seems to be a valid point because, after Robyn also challenged Kody’s one-house plan? Nothing. Total silence from Kody.

Kody Brown in Aghast
Photo via TLC

It’s also been rumored that Kody moved the family — yes, the entire huge family — down to Arizona from Las Vegas purely because Robyn wanted to be closer to son Dayton, her oldest child.

Robyn has denied this speculation, but it has added fuel to the fodder that she is Kody’s preferred wife.

She’s also his only legal wife, of course.

Kody and his first wife, Meri, divorced in September of 2014 so that Kody could officially get hitched to Robyn in December 2014.

Why? In order to legally adopt her three kids: Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Kody Brown in Therapy
Photo via TLC

We could be way off here, of course.

It’s possible Kody loves all is Sister Wives equally, although even he’s admitted this can be a challenge.

Either way, though, we aren’t the only ones asking these questions.

"It seems like Kody just wants to be with Robyn and keeps making really stupid decisions that are causing all of the financial distress just to please her," wrote one fan this week.

Do you agree, folks?