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Over the last few episodes of Sister Wives, Kody Brown has been sending a message to his better halves that goes something like this:

Just trust me, okay? I know what’s best for our family.

He’s said this in the context of trying to convince Robyn, Meri, Janelle and Christine to all live under the same roof in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Along sort of similar lines, meanwhile, fans of this long-running TLC series are now sending a message to Kody — and it goes something like this:

You’re a selfish bastard who shows preferential treatment to Robyn and who sucks so very much!

This is not the first time we’ve reporting on such a critique.

In the wake of Kody picking up all the Browns and moving them from Las Vegas to Arizona, many observers have slammed Kody for taking such a drastic step … and assuming he did so just so Robyn could be close to one of her kids in college there.

Scary Kody Brown

Now, with the Sister Wives clearly so unhappy in Flagstaff and definitely against the idea of moving into one mansion together, other viewers are chiming in with similar thoughts.

They are very down on Kody at the moment.

As you can see below, one person thinks Kody is a "narcissistic asshole who drags his kids from one state to the other" and who also sends them "into depression."

There’s very little holding back here:

And then this person is adamant that Kody’s children are "depressed."

And he/she blames this entirely on their father, who really has never seemed to care much about anyone aside from himself, you know?

Can anyone out there really argue this point?

Overall, the entire basis of polygamy is sexist and places the man’s needs above all those of the women, combined.

The result of late has been a group of Sister Wives are are admittedly unhappy and not very close, along with a frustrated patriarch. No one wins in the end.

Especially the kids.

"Kody Brown is one of [the] most selfish men on TV," Tweeted another critic this week. "He rips those kids away from their friends, to start over in a random place where they are now not living by their siblings anymore…

"He’s a dick."

For the record, Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown, was accepted into a local college in Arizona.

Kody has always denied this was the basis for the family’s move to Flagstaff, but he’s never really offered up an alternative.

Instead, he’s just insisted everyone moves in together and shoots down their objections because he doesn’t give a you-know-what about their feelings or emotions.

He’s not a very good person.