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Well, he may have been snubbed by the Academy for his work in The Lighthouse, but Robert Pattinson is now the proud recipient of a title that might be an even bigger ego boost than an Oscar.

According to scientists burdened with the unenviable task of examining the world’s most beauriful people and determining who’s hottest, Pattinson is the most handsome man on the planet.

The Robert Pattinson

The conclusion is not based on personal preference, of course.

And apparently, it’s not rooted in some sort of new-fangled scientific finding, either.

Rather, the scientists went old school in their effort to determine the most swoon-worthy heartthrob.

They went way past the first Twilight movie, all the way back to Ancient Greece and a concept known as “the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.”

Robert Pattinson Smirks

It seems that 2,500 years ago, some olive-eating toga enthusiast determined the facial feature proportions that are most pleasing to the human eye.

For people with a life of expecancy of like 35, the Ancient Greeks apparently had a ton of time on their hands.

Anyway, it seems RPattz edged out the other Hollywood hunks with a face that’s 92.15 percent “accurate” according to the Golden Ratio.

“He was in the top five for nearly all the categories because he has such classically shaped features and a wonderful chiselled jaw,” says Dr Julian De Silva.

Robert Pattinson: Batman!

But it wasn’t all rave reviews for Rob’s magnificent mug.

“His only score below average was for his lips which are a little thin and flat,” De Silva adds.

A little ironic for a guy who first gained fame as a bloodsucker.

Other famous faces who came close to the Ancient Greek standard of perspective include Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper, and perennial Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt.

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It seems that other than mating with someone with a very symmetrical face, the best thing you can do to ensure your offspring’s future attractiveness is name them Brad. 

De Silva says the purpose of this research was not simply to boost some already-bloated egos, but also to assist with future plactic surgery procedures.

“These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients’ surgery.”

For his part, Rob is doing pretty well for himself these days.

Not only was Pattinson recently cast as the new Batman, he’s been drawing critical acclaim for his performances in such films as Good Time and High Life.

Interstingly, both titles describe the lifestyle of a guy who was just told he’s the most attractive man on the planet.