Colt Johnson: Did His Latest Ex Just Accuse Him of Abusing Her?

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This summer, 90 Day Fiance villain Colt Johnson somehow landed himself a new, super hot model girlfriend named Jess Caroline.

But months ago, they broke up. And now Jess appears to be accusing Colt of abuse.

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline: Still Together in September

This week, Brazilian model Jess Caroline (pictured above, with Coltee) answered questions from her fans and followers.

One question - whether asked by a very intuitive fan or by request, we cannot say - asked if her last relationship was abusive.

"I consider my last relationship abusive," Jess' reply begins. She then adds, ominously: 

"He knows what he does."

Jess Caroline IG last relationship was abusive

"He does it because he likes to play," Jess' intense Instagram reply continues, calling Colt's behavior into question.

Johnson, according to her, will "Play with people," she accuses. "He plays with the [psychologist] and uses people."

Jess writes that the controversial TLC reality star would, one minute, "say you're beautiful, smart, cheerful."

Jess Caroline and Colt Johnson: Anonymous PDA

"Five minutes later," she solemnly reveals, "call you an idiot, bitch ... and many other things."

"It was the worst relationship I have ever had," Jess expresses.

"He is a psycho," she declares, "and needs to be treated."


Jess Caroline Likes Flowers

Jess then shares with her fans on the socials some sage advice based upon what she feels is her harrowing experience.

"Women need to pay more attention to the first signs of an abusive relationship," she strongly suggests in conclusion.

Now, we need to strongly emphasize two points about this:

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline

One, Jess does not specifically accuse this unnamed ex of physical abuse. Verbal and emotional abuse are serious, however.

Two, this ex is in fact unnamed. Jess does not name Colt Johnson or anyone else in particular in her Instagram Story.

We do not, however, know of any boyfriends whom she has had between dating Colt and now. 

Colt Johnson Goes on a Date

In general, 90 Day Fiance fans are assuming that Jess is referring to Colt. Their theory is based on this simple rationale:

If Jess did not want readers to connect these particular dots, she would have "clarified" that she means someone else.

Perhaps, in the coming days, she will say something of the sort.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima Face Off

Until then, it is likely that 90 Day Fiance fans will continue to attribute Jess' description of her abusive ex to the only ex they know:

Colt Johnson.

This accusation is sadly not shocking to fans who have kept up with the stars of the hit reality series on social media.

Larissa Lima is Single Again

Back in June, it appeared that Larissa Lima was hinting that Colt had been abusive during their relationship.

At least, she made a point of highlighting specific passages describing abusive relationship behaviors.

It was not terribly subtle.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima Face Each Other

Larissa and Colt are bound by their divorce agreement and cannot directly badmouth each other over social media.

Additionally, during the scary and bloody breakup fight on January 10, 2019, Larissa frantically told fans that Colt had been tormenting her.

She described that he had been putting her through torture for hours despite her begging him to stop.

Larissa Lima Delivers Big News

Larissa insisted that she had scratched his lip, causing it to bleed, only out of desperation.

We wonder if Larissa and Jess would find that they have a lot more in common than being beautiful Brazilians if they compared notes about their ex.

But wondering is not the same thing as knowing. For now, we simply cannot confirm that Jess was referring to Colt.

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