Larissa Lima: Colt Johnson STOLE and SOLD My Wedding Dress!!

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Last week, we reported that Colt Johnson sold Larissa Lima's wedding dress to a random fan.

It's a controversial move and some fans think that stirring up the 90 Day Fiance fandom was the whole point.

Well, that and the money.

Larissa responded by saying that, as she alleged earlier in 2019, Colt had kept some of her property for himself after their split.

She and Colt's mom fired back and forth, accusing each other of lies.

Somehow, this whole thing turned into a tentative peace offering between Larissa and Debbie.

Take a look at their bizarre exchange. Is healing possible at this point?

1. Larissa is torn

Larissa is torn
She wants to move on, of course, but when fans ask about her ex, it's only natural that she'll have something to say, right?

2. Colt has been cashing in on fame

Colt has been cashing in on fame
Like many 90 Day Fiance stars, Coltee has been selling Cameos -- short videos in which, for tens of dollars, Colt will make a short and personalized video. He has also been making less orthodox financial offers, including short phone calls. (Cameos can be cute gifts if you know a superfan, the phone call is a little iffy, but whatever)

3. In December, he crossed the line

In December, he crossed the line
Colt offered up Larissa's wedding dress for sale for $500 and, very quickly, the website indicated that the dress had been sold. Fans immediately asked if the dress was ever Colt's to sell.

4. It's an infamous dress

It's an infamous dress
Larissa's dress was famously purchased secondhand, to Larissa's surprise and disappointment. Still, you'd think that it was hers, right?

5. As fans may recall ...

As fans may recall ...
In the first months of 2019, after Larissa and Colt's frightening and bloody breakup, Larissa shared on social media that Colt had kept some of her belongings, including her luggage.

6. Speaking of which ...

Speaking of which ...
She also accused Colt of taking money out of her account after having her locked up in jail. She shared screenshots that appeared to support her claims.

7. So what does Larissa think about it?

So what does Larissa think about it?
When a fan asked Larissa why she and Colt are still hot topics, she points out that Colt has been relying upon controversy to stay relevant. Selling your ex's wedding dress one year after you were busted for cheating on her during your ill-fated marriage certainly qualifies. While answering, Larissa mentions that Colt retained some of her items and she was unable to retrieve them.

8. But Debbie says that it's all a lie

But Debbie says that it's all a lie
There was no love lost between them even when Larissa and Colt were married, and Debbie commented on 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates' post about Larissa's Story. She claims that Larissa never wanted her dress and that she could have had it any time that she wanted, and that she needed only to ask.

9. Larissa is firing back

Larissa is firing back
She says that Colt and Debbie had Larissa's belongings packed in boxes, but that some glaringly absent items -- including vital paperwork -- caught her attention. Notably, this is consistent with what Larissa said on Instagram much earlier this year.

10. Larissa could get SOME of her belongings

Larissa could get SOME of her belongings
... But only things with her name on them. Important legal documents, yes. But things that belonged to her, like her luggage, did not have her name on them. It sounds like Larissa had to fight just to get her own birth certificate. She must have written off what was left as a loss.

11. So why hasn't she spoken about this since?

So why hasn't she spoken about this since?
For one thing, Larissa's divorce agreement doesn't allow her and Colt to exchange direct insults or defamation, or to have third parties do so on their behalf. But for another, Larissa has spent most of 2019 trying earnestly to move on from Colt and the nightmare of that marriage. That makes sense. And, again, Larissa did discuss this in the weeks immediately after she and Colt split. Remember when he reported her phone as "stolen?"

12. Case closed?

Case closed?
Larissa certainly thinks that this should be the final word in this discussion.

13. Well, almost ...

Well, almost ...
Larissa also shared a throwback photo of her with her former Mother-in-Law. And what she wrote about Debbie in the captions may shock you.

14. Larissa has a LOT to say

Larissa has a LOT to say
Larissa penned what looks like a short novel about wanting to make peace with Debbie.

15. That's a shocker

That's a shocker
After all, Debbie had just referred to her as someone who needs to "get help" and accused her of lying.

16. But Larissa has fond memories

But Larissa has fond memories
Not everything makes it into a 90 Day Fiance edit, and that includes Debbie and Larissa bonding over their shared love of cats and Larissa enjoying Debbie's delicious steak.

17. Larissa has hopes

Larissa has hopes
She wants to be at a place where she can see Debbie in a restaurant or elsewhere out in public and the two can share a hug.

18. Debbie half-apologizes ...

Debbie half-apologizes ...
She says that she takes back some of what she has said, but it's conditional -- only if Larissa doesn't dredge up the past. We have to say that most apologies, even partial ones, don't end with "may God have mercy on your soul." That's a new one.

19. Debbie was not Larissa's biggest fan

Debbie was not Larissa's biggest fan
She was absolutely right that they needed to break up but, like so many mothers, had trouble seeing her son's role in the marriage's toxicity. (Or at least, didn't seem willing to discuss his faults on camera in the way that she did Larissa's -- but again, most moms would do the same)

20. She and Colt celebrated the divorce

She and Colt celebrated the divorce
Larissa's engagement to Colt was a bit of a culture shock to Debbie and her household. Adults living with their parents can lead to serious complications when they're in romances. There's an order and a flow to things that has to change when you add another person, and change can be difficult.

21. Many fans have issues with Colt

Many fans have issues with Colt
A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans who've kept up with the couple on social media see Colt as a manipulator (and, of course, as a cheater). it didn't help his cause that his last girlfriend appeared to accuse him of similar things. Of course, if reports are to be believed, Colt's latest lady love is now living with him and Debbie. Will the third time be the charm?

22. Either way ...

Either way ...
Maybe selling the dress was a little much?

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