Larissa Lima: I Met Someone Special!

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Leakers have shared that Colt Johnson has a new girlfriend and is continuing his reality career.

In the mean time, his ex-wife Larissa Lima just got out of a long-term relationship and also out of a feud with another 90 Day Fiance star.

Now, though, she says that she has met someone new. Someone "special."

Larissa Lima is Single Again

Larissa Lima held another one of her Q&A sessions with fans.

This time, fans wanted to know more about her life and career.

To one fan, the self-styled Queen revealed that she currently has no plans to return to 90 Day Fiance.

And then another asked her to spill the tea.

Is she dating anyone? It's been more than a month since she dumped Eric Nichols.

Larissa Lima has met someone special October 2019 IG

"I met someone special," Larissa reveals in her Instagram Story.

She follows those words with the heart eyes emoji. That sounds special to us!

Larissa has yet to divulge any further details about this special someone.

Honestly, we're amazed that she's found the time to date sincerely recently.

Larissa has been a very busy girl.

Larissa Lima and Corey Rathgeber

Larissa snapped this harmless selfie with Corey from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way while he was in Vegas.

The two had gone on an innocuous "date" during which no one so much as kissed.

Larissa made it very clear that she did not want Corey for herself, though Evelin seemed to have trouble believing it.

She said that Corey is too short for her, and even shared some of their messages to prove that they'd discussed Evelin, not a hookup.

Weird to see two women go to "war" over a man when one doesn't want him and the other seems to be on the fence.

Larissa Lima and Farrah Abraham

This week, a Vegas strip club called Crazy Horse III celebrated 10 years in operation.

Does that club's name sound familiar? It should. Larissa had her divorce party and her birthday party there this year.

This time, she was not the only celebrity in attendance.

Most notably, she and reality TV villain Farrah Abraham, the infamous former Teen Mom OG star, snapped a selfie together.

Larissa deleted this selfie from her Instagram some time on Friday.

Maybe she learned about Farrah's racist outbursts and decided to cleanse her 'gram of negative energy.

Larissa Lima Birthday Party: The Money Shot

Crazy Horse III may have brought back complicated memories for Larissa.

At both of her previous parties there, she was the center of attention, and she had a handsome man on her arm.

In fact, Eric Nichols' very first public debut as her boyfriend was for her divorce party in early March.

On September 11, she dumped Eric after seven months of dating.

It looks like maybe this "special someone" she has met is not yet prepared to go public. That's smart.

Larissa Lima accuses colt of cruelty IG

Larissa has also shared an old video from August of 2018.

In the video, she can be seen wiping away tears and also a liquid that she reveals to be soda.

In the caption of the Instagram video, she translated the Portuguese from the throwback, explaining that Colt had allegedly dumped soda on her.

Why? Apparently this was in retaliation for her not wanting to film for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? at that time.

If true, that is horrifying. A growing number of fans continue to feel that perhaps Larissa was not the one in her marriage who deserved arrest.

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