Kody Brown Predicts: Will His Kids Be Polygamous?

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Are the Browns melting down before our very eyes?

Over the past several weeks and the past couple episodes of Sister Wives, fans have sat back and watched as multiple signs have cropped up that may spell the end of this polarizing clan.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

For starters, of course, there's been the seemingly perpetual state of Meri Brown, who posts a new cryptic social media message on a weekly basis.

They all point to general unhappiness and at least some yearning to break free from her unloving family.

As previously reported on this very website, Sister Wives fans are legitimately concerned about Kody's first wife.

There's also the main subject being explored/tackled on the latest season of this TLC reality series, which has thus far featured Kody pushing for all his wives to live under one roof in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Hashtag Sister Wives

This proposal has been met with a great deal of backlash to date.

And, as a result of this move from Las Vegas to Arizona, has left the Sister Wives farther apart than ever before, as Janelle herself recently admitted.

Now, Kody has come out and broached the future of his family.

Specifically, whether any of his children will follow in his selfish footsteps and take on multiple wives. Does he think they'll either have sister wives or be sister wives?

Kody on Camera

“I really just don’t expect any of my children to be in plural marriage,” he said simply this week on a podcast called “Reality Life with Kate Casey, adding that he can't say this for certain:

“But I don’t know. That’s up to them to decide.”

How did Kody end up in this situation? The 51-year old could not state anything official or exact for the record.

He explained on this same podcast that it sort of just... happened.

Kody, 2 Sister Wives

“I felt a definite calling to it,” Kody  said in the interview. “So did my wives.”

However, he added that they were in “a different place” than their kids and their children might just not have the same beliefs as their parents.

We already know this is true of Mariah Brown, of course, as she's currently engaged to a woman and certainly doesn't appear to have any plans to expand on this happy romance.

Aspyn Brown, meanwhile, is married Mitch Thompson... who actually also comes from a polygamous marriage.

But neither have of this couple has any plans to follow along with their parents in this regard.

These Sister Wives

As for Mykelti Padron (née Brown), Christine and Kody’s other married daughter?

No thanks, she has also stated.

“I’m not going to live polygamy,” she's confessed in the past. “I don’t think that’s for me. I don’t think I could ever live up to what my parents have been able to do.”

She is happily married to Tony Padron.

Sister Wives: A Poster

“Plural marriage is very, very vulnerable,” Kody also said during his podcast appearance. “We’re making a great effort all the time to make sure all the wives feel safe.”

Moreover, fourth wife Robyn Brown admitted in a trailer for the current season of their TLC series that plural marriage can make someone “feel disenfranchised sometimes.”

In other words:

This is an awful, sexist, antiquated concept and it should be erased from modern society once and most definitely for all.

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