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Weeks ago, Rob Kardashian filed to amend the custody arrangement with Blac Chyna, accusing her of being a poorly-behaved drug fiend.

Now, he’s asking the court to make witnesses testify about Chyna’s scary behavior and about the effect that it has upon sweet little Dream.

Rob with His Dream
Photo via Twitter

RadarOnline reports that Rob Kardashian’s attorney has filed a request with the court.

His legal team wants to include testimony from both Rob and his sister, Khloe, about Dream’s behavior after spending time with her mother.

Rob wants to make Chyna answer questions in court.

What’s more, he wants to drag two of her former employees, Lynett Sluis and J.T. Milby, into court to deliver testimony.

Khloe Kardashian With Rob Kardashian
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As we previously reported, Rob filed an emergency petition with family court in January.

He wants to modify the current custody arrangement, which he says has a detrimental impact on 3-year-old Dream.

In January, he asked the court to order Chyna to submit to testing for drugs and alcohol.

His belief is that Chyna is abusing these substances while Dream is in her custody.

Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner
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Dream has allegedly been dancing like an adult and using curse words, which is actually pretty typical 3-year-old behavior.

Things get worse from there.

Alarmingly, Rob says that Dream has been behaving in a more aggressive and even violent manner, usually immediately upon coming home from Chyna’s.

He says that she has even gone so far as to hit her cousins. Presumably, Khloe’s testimony will be about this.

Blac Chyna Stroller Attack
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The implication is that Dream is emulating her mother’s toxic, violent behavior. 

This isn’t just about Chyna’s infamous public displays of bad behavior, some of which — like her Legoland brawl — having been filmed.

According to Rob’s attorneys, Chyna allegedly attacked a nanny with a knife while that nanny was holding Dream.

That’s not just scary behavior in terms of role models for Dream. That accusation describes a physical threat to Dream’s safety.

Dream Kardashian Exists in a Colorless Void
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To no one’s surprise, Chyna is clapping back in court, accusing Rob of fabricating these "malicious" accusations.

Through her attorney, she accuses Rob — and presumably anyone who testifies in support of his claim — of being "vindictive."

To hear her legal team tell it, this is all a sinister plot to take Dream away from her mother.

But that’s not actually what Rob is seeking to do.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap
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Rob is asking the court to modify their custody arrangement so that Dream’s exposure to the alleged bad behavior is more limited.

He wants Chyna to see their daughter and Dream to see her mom, but on weekends.

Specifically, he wants to limit Chyna’s time with Dream to 10am-6pm on Saturday and then for those same hours on Sunday.

He has also asked the court to allow him to choose — and pay for — the nanny who will be present during those hours.

Dream Kardashian Gets a Kiss
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We do not yet know if Rob’s bid to call these witnesses will go through.

But we imagine that the court will want to learn all that in can, in the interests of Dream.

Chyna’s history of inexcusable behavior is well documented. Many had hoped that she would reign it in in front of Dream.

If these allegations are true, then she is either choosing to continue her poor behavior or cannot control herself. Neither of those are acceptable.