Kailyn Lowry: Chelsea Houska is Getting Me Through This Pregnancy!

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As you've probably heard by now, longtime Teen Mom 2 stalwart Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fourth child.

And you've probably also heard that Kail is pregnant by Chris Lopez.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

Oh yes, the man of mystery and (allegedly) abusive deadbeat who fathered her youngest son, Lux, is going for two.

For obvious reasons, the news has generated a lot of controversy.

Given the fact that Lowry currently has a restraining order against Lopez, one can understand fans' concerns.

In Celebration of Lux

Kail's critics are not exactly a quiet bunch, and she'd probably enjoy a break from the spotlight right about now.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that she's turned to the most off-the-grid of all the Teen Moms for advice.

Lowry said in a recent Instagram post:

“I literally will text Chelsea and be like ‘how do you stay private? How should I do this? Like what do I do?’” 

Lowry, Kai

Yes, it seems co-star Chelsea Houska has been a source of valuable advice throughout Lowry's latest ordeal.

Of course, whether Lowry listens is an open question.

It's hard to see Kail following Chelsea's advice, which likely includes tips like "stop doing 24/7 sponsored posts."

Or "move to South Dakota."

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

Whatever the case, Lowry is clearly hoping (possibly in vain) that the worst of the negative attention is behind her.

She explains:

“So now that all the news is out, the pregnancy confirmation and the sex of the child, I hope that my anxiety dreams go away."

Kailyn Lowry Selfie Alert

“I feel like this entire thing I was confused about and didn’t know what to do and then people leaked it before I was ready."

"Here we are weeks later, and everything is out there."

“I mean, I feel better but I’m hoping some of the anxiety will go away, but I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you’ to all of you guys who support me and have commented nice things just been supportive along the way because it hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure."

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Pic

Kail saying "it hasn't been easy" is no doubt a massive understatement.

It's one thing to go through a pregnancy with no support from the father; it's quite another to do so while enduring daily abuse from online strangers.

Fortunately, it looks as though Kail has chosen to focus on the positive.

Kailyn Lowry with Dark Hair

"Now accepting BABY BOY name suggestions," she recently posted on Instagram.

And as proof that Lowry still has far more fans than haters, the suggestions came flooding in.

"Since you love crystals so much there are some really cool names inspired by the meaning and the name of the crystal," one fan shared.

"Some are very unique. Just a thought."

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Kids

"You've got 2 ls. Let's get Isaac another I!" another fan remarked in reference to the names of Kail's current kids.

"Ian, Ilan, Iyler, Israel, Isaiah, Ivan, Isaias, Ignatio, Ismael, Ilyas, Iden...."

"I think you may like Lennon or Kara! Since your sons have names that mean light and laughter, I thought you might like some boy names that mean love," a third chimed in, adding, "congrats again!"

Kailyn Lowry Phone

Does Lennon mean "love"? Is Kara a boys' name?

Who cares! The important thing is this fan's heart is in the right place, and she's offering sincere advice.

And we're sure Kail appreciates it!

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