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Thanks to The Bachelor Spoilers, we finally know Peter Weber’s final choice. But as a whole, his season has been riddled with indecision.

In a new interview, Peter swears that he’s not doing it on purpose. Blundering indecision just comes naturally to him.

Peter Weber Plane Selfie

Peter Weber guest starred on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, on Wednesday, February 12.

"It’s a lot harder watching this back for me. …" Peter admits, referring to seeing his season play out.

He reiterates: "It’s way harder than I ever thought it would be"

"I’m making decisions in the moment based off the information I have," Peter explains.

Peter Weber and Nick Viall

"I’m not making dumb decisions on purpose," Peter promises.

He acknowledges: "I know everyone thinks I am."

"And," Peter adds, he knows that "everyone thinks I’m being indecisive."

He is, and he knows it.

Peter Weber Goes Home

"And yeah," Peter confesses, "there was a lot of indecision."

Some would say that it goes with the territory of a show like The Bachelor, but rarely to the extent of this season.

"But that’s what you get," he expresses, "when you date so many women at once."

We can at least acknowledge that Peter’s indecisiveness so far has been pretty contained to the show, so he’s not as bad as, say, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Peter Weber in Tears

Peter emphasizes that he "made it very clear that the women didn’t have to be there."

"If they didn’t want to be there," he adds, "I didn’t want them there."

No one thought that he was holding them against their will, of course, but Peter explains that he wanted contestants there for the right reasons.

“I only want someone here that actually wants to pursue something with me," Peter explains.

Nick Viall knows what it’s like to play the leading man.

He acknowledges that being the lead is a "win-less battle."

"This indecisiveness … You truly seem to be open and giving a lot of these relationships a fair shot,” Nick praises.

“Other leads, including myself, lock in a couple early on and you’re like, ‘Eh, this is my person.’ And you’re basing your decisions off of that," he says.

Peter Weber with a Rose

We’re inclined to believe Peter when he says that his missteps and awkwardness are a mistake.

Competing for Hannah Brown’s affection was, well, a competition. He had one clear goal in mind. Now, he’s lost.

We’ve seen past Bachelors stir up drama for their own amusement. Peter just seems to blunder into it.

Might we suggest a friendly label that might apply to Peter?

A himbo is a man who is very attractive yet absolutely dumb as a rock, which only increases his desirability in the eyes of many.

Some might say that Peter isn’t hot enough to qualify, that the label better belongs on a man like Colton.

But it does seem to fit. One key element of himbos is that they have good intentions, and we think that Peter absolutely does.

(Though, for the record, the female equivalent of himbo isn’t "bimbo." The female equivalent is herbo. Get it right, Urban Dictionary)

Peter Weber in Shock

Whether you see Peter as emotionally overwhelmed or just a dumb horny puppy, his season has prompted fans to call for big changes in the franchise.

Should there be an age limit to exclude younger contestants?

If we’re pretending that the show is seriously about marriage, then we’d say yes. Really, should people be married before age 25? No.

But The Bachelor rarely ends in a long-term, committed relationship.

The only changes we’re craving at the moment are less producer interference, better representation, and maybe some polyarmory.