Jazz Jennings Shows Off Bikini Body After Third Surgery

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Jazz Jennings ended 2019 by sharing her scars from her gender confirmation surgery. but that wasn't the end of her journey.

The 19-year-old reality star just underwent a third procedure. Now, she's showing off her bikini body in a display of self-love.

Jazz Jennings Completes Third Surgery

Earlier this month, Jazz Jennings shared that she was in recovery from a successful surgery on her genitals.

"I’m feeling so great after completing my third surgery!" Jazz announced.

"This third procedure was for cosmetics," she explained.

"And," she raved, "I’m super happy with the results."

Jazz Jennings Turns 18

This wasn't her big, dramatic bottom surgery, or her second surgery that was designed to address complications from the first.

Instead, this sounds like it was a touch-up. We're glad that it went well.

"Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey and supported me along the way," Jazz concluded her post.

But Jazz has much more to share with her fans, her followers, and her viewers.

Jazz Jennings Flaunts Her Bikini Body

"Confidence is key," Jazz captioned a brief visual teaser for the new season of I Am Jazz.

In the teaser, she walks out and poses in a turquoise bikini, posing dramatically.

This is a powerful moment for Jazz in two ways. First, she has struggled with body-image like so many women, so this is an act of self-love.

Second, she was not able to wear bikinis -- specifically bikini bottoms -- until after she received her bottom surgery. Now, she can be herself!

Jazz Jennings, Happy at the Beach

"So proud of you for embracing your body and loving yourself!" her brother Sander comments. "Continue being confident. You are a Queen"

Trans model known professionally as Plastic Martyr praises: "Beautiful woman. Inside and out. Love ya sis!"

Indya Moore, a nonbinary actor best known for Pose, comments: "Bawdyy bawdy bawdy!"

All of these words of praise and affirmation are exactly what Jazz needed -- and exactly what she deserves.

Jazz Jennings Flaunts Her Scars

Jazz's first two surgeries were no joke.

Not all trans folks undergo bottom surgery or even want to, but Jazz had experienced body disphoria for years.

Though puberty blockers saved her from going through a body transformation that would have adversely impacted her health, they also stunted genital growth.

This meant that surgeons had less tissue with which to sculpt her new genitals. Fortunately, they made it work.

Jazz Jennings and Family

Jazz knows that she was lucky to be born into an affirming family who accepted her for who she is.

She posted this recent photo of the Jennings family -- though, to be clear, Jennings is a stage surname for their own protection.

"When the lights fade away and cameras shut down, my family always remains by my side," Jazz captions the photo.

She writes: "A unified kinship full of laughter, love, and support."

Jazz Jennings Got Into Harvard

Part of this season of I Am Jazz will deal with Jazz's big important decisions.

She has to choose between Harvard and Pomona College.

We do know that (spoiler!) Jazz ultimately decided on Harvard.

But we also know that she is delaying her start at Harvard for one year in order to work on her mental health. That's smart.

Jazz Jennings in a Burgundy Dress

Trans folks -- along with many other members of the LGBTQ+ community -- often feel that they missed out on adolescence.

Having to hide your sexuality or gender identity, or simply not admitting either to yourself, means that you may not experience some teen milestones until your 20s.

Jazz was extremely fortunate in that she knew who she was from a young age and was accepted by her parents.

We wish her the best of luck as she recovers from her third surgery and works on her mental health. And we're always happy to watch I Am Jazz!

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