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If ever there were a pair of exes who had ample reason to keep their distance from one another forever, it was Jenelle Evans and David Eason.

We’re using the past tense because despite their claims to the contrary, Jenelle and David are back together.

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Currently, Jenelle is setting the stage for the reconciliation so that the eventual announcement doesn’t come as such a shock to fans.

Unfortunately for Jenelle and David, they suck at keeping secrets, so the whole freakin’ world knows they’re once again living together on The Land.

“As of now, I still tell people we’re not back together,” Evans said in her latest interview.

“He has a lot to prove to me, and he has a lot to change about himself, and he knows that.”

The Hollywood Gossip

In the same conversation, Evans basically admits that she’s broke, and she implies she might have to get back together with David so that she can stop paying for two residences.

“I pay rent [in Tennessee] and a mortgage [in North Carolina],” she added.

“I can’t be paying thousands of dollars for two different places, so that’s another big issue I’m dealing with.”

Jenelle Evans is Delusional

Obviously, that’s a ridiculous reason to get back together with the abusive ex who killed your dog, and not only because Jenelle has been telling us for years that The Land is fully paid off.

Not only that, if would be easy for Jenelle to unburden her financial responsibility for the property onto David, considering he still lives there, and she supposedly moved out way back in October.

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But the fact is, Jenelle isn’t getting back together with David because of her mounting financial issues.

She’s doing it because:

  1. She can’t stand to be alone;
  2. Her relationship with Herb Wilkinson went bust in a matter of days;
  3. It’s become clear that Jenelle will never again work with MTV (or any network), even if David’s gone.
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And since getting her job back is the primary reason she left David in the first place – and not, ya know, the abuse he directed at her children – Evans no longer has much incentive to stay away.

But again – this is not something she’s ready to announce yet.

Instead, she’s paving the way by tweeting about how blissfully happy she is these days.

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Jenelle randomly tweeted out “so happy” and “so blessed” over the weekend.

“The future is looking exceptionally bright lately," she continued.

“Don’t ever let an employer, family member or toxic friends tell you that your worth is nothing,” Jenelle went on.

“Don’t let them put you down. DON’T lose focus. Eyes on the goal!"

The Hollywood Gossip

It’s a strange time for Jenelle to be offering up life advice, and as In Touch points out, many fans weren’t having it.

“Interesting that you seem to think it’s OK for your husband to treat you this way, but not other family members, ‘toxic friends’ or employers,” one wrote.

“I hold my husband to a higher standard than my employer, but hey, maybe that’s just me.”

The Hollywood Gossip

Another star suggested that it might be time for Jenelle to “take [her] own advice when it comes to David.”

Obviously, these tweets are an indication that Evans is already back together with David, and they could be a clue to something even more terrifying:

If Jenelle is planning to start a second career as some Oprah-esque self-help guru, we are simply not here for it — at all.